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Theoretical Perspectives on White-Collar Crime  

Michael Levi

Online publication date:
Jun 2019
White-collar crime has not developed in a linear way as an academic subject. Its definition remains contested, between those who consider that, when deciding on the boundaries of what we ... More

Anomie Theory  

Jón Gunnar Bernburg

Online publication date:
Mar 2019
Originating in the tradition of classical sociology (Durkheim, Merton), anomie theory posits how broad social conditions influence deviant behavior and crime. The French sociologist Émile ... More

International Criminology: Concept, History, Developments, and Institutions  

Gema Varona and José Luis de la Cuesta

Online publication date:
Feb 2019
In a broad sense, international criminology can be described as the set of activities related to crime prevention and control, coming from the academia, public and private institutions and ... More

Women and White-Collar Crime  

Mary Dodge

Women and white-collar crime is a topic that has, overall, received little attention in the literature. Initially, women were omitted from discussion and research because of their lack of ... More

Individual, Educational, and Other Social Influences on Greed: Implications for the Study of White-Collar Crime  

Long Wang, Ziwei Wang, and David H. Weng

Online publication date:
Jan 2019
Greed is a central part of human nature. In history, feudal barons and kings, as war profiteers, continued to engage in war to acquire more after they had accumulated excessive wealth; in ... More

Online Fraud  

Cassandra Cross

Online publication date:
Jan 2019
Each year, millions of individuals worldwide find themselves victims of online fraud. Whether it is responding to a fraudulent email with bank account details or being defrauded through a ... More

Extortion and Extortion Racketeering  

Atanas Rusev

Online publication date:
Nov 2018
Extortion as a crime has long attracted the interest of scholars, and much effort has been put into coining a precise definition that would allow distinguishing it from other similar ... More

Finance Crime  

Arjan Reurink

Online publication date:
Nov 2018
Finance crime, that is, white-collar crime that occurs in the markets for financial goods and services, appears to be pervasive in 21st-century capitalism. Since the outbreak of the global ... More

Corporate Crime and the State  

Adam Ghazi-Tehrani

Online publication date:
Sep 2018
State-corporate crime is defined as criminal acts that occur when one or more institutions of political governance pursue a goal in direct cooperation with one or more institutions of ... More

White-Collar Delinquency  

Andrea Schoepfer

Online publication date:
Aug 2018
Studies of white-collar crime have largely focused on the crimes and immoral and unethical actions of adults during the course of their legitimate occupations, yet adults are not the only ... More