Past Updates

Past Updates


March 2020

Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing (Brooke B. Chambers, Joachim J. Savelsberg)

February 2020

Gangs and Globalization (Alistair Fraser, Elke Van Hellemont)
Hyperincarceration and Indigeneity (Thalia Anthony, Harry Blagg)
Philosophies of Punishment (Jerry Cederblom)
Street Gang Member Characteristics (Finn-Aage Esbensen, L. Thomas Winfree)

January 2020

Attitudes and Public Opinion About Punishment (Kathryn L. Schwaeble, Jody Sundt)

October 2019

Institutional Anomie Theory Across Nation States (Andreas Hövermann, Steven F. Messner)
Moral Panics and Folk Devils (Nachman Ben-Yehuda)

September 2019

Developmental and Life-Course Theories of Crime (Tara Renae McGee, David P. Farrington)

August 2019

Disparity in Capital Sentencing (Marian R. Williams)
Immigration and Crime (Frances Bernat), revised
Life Without Parole Sentencing (Christopher Seeds)
Social Networks in Gangs (Christian L. Bolden, Reneé Lamphere)

July 2019

Racial Inequality in Punishment (Marisa Omori, Oshea Johnson)

June 2019


May 2019


April 2019

Critical Challenges to Police Officer Wellness (Brooke McQuerrey Tuttle, Daniel M. Blumberg, Konstantinos Papazoglou)
Gangs and Social Media (David C. Pyrooz, Richard K. Moule, Jr.)
Gangs and Violence (Haley Bullard, Shannon Reid)
Reentry Processes in the United States (James M. Binnall, Maryanne Alderson)
Using Action Research to Improve Race Relations in Prisons (Tom Ellis)

March 2019

Anomie Theory (Jón Gunnar Bernburg)
Group Processes within Gangs (Timothy R. Lauger)
Image-Based Sexual Abuse (Asher Flynn, Nicola Henry)

February 2019

Biosocial Theories in Criminology (Jessica Wells, Anthony Walsh)
Capital Punishment (Paul Kaplan)
Consent Decrees and Police Reform (John L. Worrall, Zachary A. Powell)
Correctional Classification and Security (Sarah Tahamont, Nicole E. Frisch)
Developmental and Life-Course Perspectives on Gangs (Molly Buchanan, Elise T. Simonsen, Marvin D. Krohn)
Probation Revocation (David E. Olson)
Punishment and Citizenship (Michael T. Light, Jason P. Robey)

January 2019

Body Cameras and Policing (Bryce Elling Peterson, Daniel S. Lawrence)
Global Security Surveillance (Keith Guzik, Gary T. Marx)
Online Fraud (Cassandra Cross)

November 2018

Economic Crises, Common Crime, and Penality (José A. Brandariz, Ignacio González-Sánchez)
Finance Crime (Arjan Reurink)

October 2018

Family Violence (Tara E. Sutton, Leslie Gordon Simons)
Institutional Anomie Theory across Nation States (Andreas Hövermann, Steven F. Messner), summary
Police Corruption (Leslie Holmes), summary
Police Officer Suicide (John M. Violanti)
Using Social Media to Resist Gender Violence: A Global Perspective (Bianca Fileborn, Rachel Loney-Howes), summary

September 2018

Corporate Crime and the State (Adam Ghazi-Tehrani)
Deportation and Immigration Enforcement (David C. Brotherton, Sarah Tosh)
Philosophies of Punishment (Jerry Cederblom), summary

August 2018

Electronic Monitoring (Julie Brancale, Thomas G. Blomberg, William D. Bales)
Gang Joining (James A. Densley)
Human Rights and Penal Policy (Joachim Savelsberg, Suzy McElrath)
White-Collar Delinquency (Andrea Schoepfer)

July 2018

June 2018

Critical Perspectives on Gangs (David C. Brotherton)
Examining the School-to-Prison Pipeline Metaphor (Kayla Crawley, Paul Hirschfield)

May 2018

Campus Policing (Kenneth J. Peak)
Policing Sex Workers (Susan Dewey)
Re-entry Experiences of Women (Sarah R. Bostrom, Melinda Tasca)

April 2018

Prison History (Ashley T. Rubin)
Sexuality and Gang Involvement (Vanessa R. Panfil)
The Extent and Nature of Gang Crime (Lauren Magee, Chris Melde)

March 2018

Crime Hot Spots (David Weisburd, Sean Wire)
Gang Organization and Gang Types (Christian L. Bolden)
Intensive Supervision Probation (Geoffrey C. Barnes, Jordan M. Hyatt)
Police Violence (Jenna Milani, Ben Bradford, Jonathan Jackson)
Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses of Crime Prevention Evaluations (Anthony Petrosino, Claire Morgan, Trevor Fronius)
The Eurogang Program of Research (Finn-Aage Esbensen, Cheryl L. Maxson)

February 2018

Control Balance Theory (Charles R. Tittle)
Gender and Punishment (Lynne Haney, Lili Dao)
Laws of Geography (Michael Leitner, Philip Glasner, Ourania Kounadi)
School Climate (Allison Ann Payne, Denise C. Gottfredson)

January 2018

Enemy Penology (Susanne Krasmann)
Pathways to Crime (Breanna Boppre, Emily J. Salisbury, Jaclyn Parker)
Pecuniary Punishments (Patricia Faraldo-Cabana)

December 2017

Collateral Sanctions (Alec C. Ewald)
Correctional Programming and Gender (Gina Fedock, Stephanie S. Covington)

November 2017

October 2017

September 2017

Copycat Crime (Ray Surette)
Cultural Criminology (Jeff Ferrell, Keith Hayward, Michelle Brown)
Film Noir (William Luhr)
Green Criminology, Culture, and Cinema (Bill McClanahan, Avi Brisman, Nigel South)
Miscarriages of Justice (Randall Grometstein)
Network Perspectives on Crime (Jason Gravel, George E. Tita)
Risk Assessment (Tim Brennan, William Dieterich, William Oliver)
Wildlife Crime (Rachel Boratto, Carole Gibbs)

August 2017

Crime Films (Ferdinando Spina)
Cultural Representations of Nineteenth-Century Prostitution (Per Jorgen Ystehede, May-Len Skilbrei)
Police, Media, and Popular Culture (Alyce McGovern, Nickie D. Phillips)
Political Violence and Crime (Vincenzo Ruggiero)
The "CSI Effect" (Kimberlianne Podlas)

July 2017

Crime Fiction (Frankie Y. Bailey)
Graffiti (Andrzej Zieleniec)
School Shootings in the Media (Jaclyn Schildkraut, Glenn Muschert)
Self-Control Theory and Crime (Michael Gottfredson)
Solitary Confinement in American Popular Culture (Carlos Monteiro, Natasha Frost)

June 2017

Feminist Themes in Television Crime Dramas (Nancy C. Jurik, Gray Cavender)

May 2017

Filicide in Australian Media and Culture (Janine Little, Danielle Tyson)

April 2017

Alternatives to Incarceration (Faye S. Taxman, Alex Breno)
Consumer Fraud (Shanna R. Van Slyke, Leslie A. Corbo)
Crime News in Newspapers (Jaclyn Schildkraut)
Crime News on TV (Jeremy Lipschultz)
Crimesploitation (Paul Kaplan, Daniel LaChance)
Criminal Underworlds (Heather Shore)
Defensible Space (Robert I. Mawby)
Framing Terrorism (Alexandra Campbell)
Gothic Criminology (Cecil Greek)
Immigration and Crime (Frances Bernat)
Media Representations of Domestic Violence (Meda Chesney-Lind, Nicholas Chagnon)
News Media and African Genocide (Joachim Savelsberg, Wahutu Siguru)
Nordic Noir (Annette Hill, Susan Turnbull)
Political Corruption and State Crime (Clayton Peoples, James E. Sutton)
Popular Criminology (Steven Kohm)
Psychopathy and the Media (David W. Jones)
Statistical Analysis of White Collar Crime (Gerald Cliff, April Wall-Parker)
Supervision in the Community: Probation and Parole (Michelle S. Phelps, Caitlin Curry)
Visual Criminology (Michelle Brown)
Wound Culture (Mark Seltzer)

March 2017

Crime and Celebrity (Lindsay Steenberg)
Crime and Masculinity in Popular Culture (Stephen Tomsen, Dick Hobbs)
Crime Science (Ella Cockbain, Gloria Laycock)
Dark Tourism (John Lennon)
Drugs and Popular Culture (Dimitri A. Bogazianos)
Environmental Crime (Carole Gibbs, Rachel Boratto)
Fear of Crime (Nicole Rader)
Ideology in the Crime Genre (Timothy O. Lenz)
Incarceration Effects on Families (Sara Wakefield, Janet Garcia-Hallett)
Intimate Partner Violence (Emily Wright, Brandon Valgardson)
Moral Panics (Chas Critcher)
Neighborhood Watch (Sylvia Chenery)
Situational Crime Prevention (Joshua D. Freilich, Graeme R. Newman)
Street Cultures (Johnny Ilan)
Worker Health and Safety (Steven Tombs, David Whyte)

February 2017

General Strain Theory (Timothy Brezina)
Resistance in Popular Culture (Marc Schuilenburg)
Transgressive Imaginations (Lizzie Seal, Maggie O'Neill)
Use of Civil Abatement to Combat Public Nuisances and Crime (Arthur J. Lurigio, Elizabeth Maine Ellis)
Witnessing and Victimhood (Sandra Walklate)

January 2017

Sex Crimes and the Media (Tanya Serisier)

December 2016

Developmental Targeted Prevention of Conduct Disorder (Frank Vitaro, Richard E. Tremblay)
Online Crime (Majid Yar)
Organized Crime Mythologies (Patricia (Paddy) Rawlinson)
The Legal System in German Popular Culture (Stefan Machura, Michael Böhnke)
Video Gaming, Crime, and Popular Culture (Timothy Rowlands, Sheruni Ratnabalasuriar, Kyle Noel)

November 2016

Car Crimes and the Cultural Imagination (Thalia Anthony, Kieran Tranter)

October 2016

Framing Terrorism (Alexandra Campbell), summary
Sexting (Emma Bond)

September 2016

Feminist Criminology and the Visual (Kathryn Henne, Rita Shah)

August 2016

July 2016

Aerial, Satellite, and Drone Technology (Arthur Holland Michel), summary
Crime in 19th-Century Literature (Suzanne Daly), summary
Crime News in Newspapers (Jaclyn Schildkraut), summary
Crime News on TV (Jeremy Lipschultz), summary
Drugs and Popular Culture (Dimitri A. Bogazianos), summary
Ideology in the Crime Genre (Timothy O. Lenz), summary
Immigration and Crime (Frances Bernat), summary
Immigration Detention and Punishment (Sarah Turnbull), summary
Resistance in Popular Culture (Marc Schuilenburg), summary

June 2016

May 2016

Civil Abatement (Arthur J. Lurigio, Elizabeth Maine Ellis), summary
Dark Tourism, Penal Landscapes, and Criminological Inquiry (Justin Piché, Kevin Walby), summary
Fear of Crime (Nicole Rader), summary
Gangsters and Genre (Anita Lam), summary
Intimate Partner Violence (Emily Wright, Brandon Valgardson), summary
Online Crime (Majid Yar), summary
Organized Crime Mythologies (Patricia (Paddy) Rawlinson), summary
Pussy Riot and the Politics of Resistance in Contemporary Russia (Yuliya Zabyelina, Roman Ivashkiv), summary
Sex Crime and the Media (Tanya Serisier), summary

April 2016

Copycat Crime (Ray Surette) (summary)
Crimesploitation (Paul Kaplan, Daniel LaChance) (summary)
Sports Crime and Popular Culture (Nic Groombridge) (summary)
The "CSI Effect" (Kimberlianne Podlas) (summary)

March 2016

American Lawyer and Courtroom Comedies (David Ray Papke) (summary)
Bank Robbery in Popular Culture (Chad Posick) (summary)
Car Crimes and the Cultural Imagination (Thalia Anthony, Kieran Tranter) (summary)
Corpses, Popular Culture, and Forensic Science (Ruth Penfold-Mounce) (summary)
Crime Dramas as Social Science Fiction (Stephen Wakeman) (summary)
The Legal System in German Popular Culture (Stefan Machura, Michael Böhnke) (summary)
Video Gaming, Crime, and Popular Culture (Timothy Rowlands, Sheruni Ratnabalasuriar, Kyle Noel) (summary)

January 2016

Crime Science (Ella Cockbain, Gloria Laycock) (summary)
Cultural Representations of Domestic Violence (Meda Chesney-Lind, Nicholas Chagnon) (summary)
Developmental Targeted Prevention of Conduct Disorder (Frank Vitaro, Richard E. Tremblay) (summary)

November 2015

Criminal Underworlds (Heather Shore) (summary)