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May 2024

Cross-Cultural Causation of Violence Against Women (Nicholas J. Chagnon, Laura Rouse)
Filicide in Australian Media and Culture (Janine Little, Danielle Tyson, Denise Buiten), revised


April 2024

Child Sexual Exploitation (Jonah R. Rimer)
Law Enforcement (Angus Nurse)
Law Enforcement and Public Health (Isabelle Bartkowiak-Théron)
The Harms and Crimes Against Plant Species (Esteban Morelle-Hungría, Pablo Serra-Palao)


March 2024

Cyberterrorism (Mehmet F. Bastug, Ismail Onat), revised


February 2024

Disparity in Capital Sentencing (Marian R. Williams), revised
Feminist Theory (Rachel Bridges Whaley)
Police, Media, and Popular Culture (Alyce McGovern, Nickie D. Phillips), revised
Race and Re-Entry After Incarceration (Kayla M. Hoskins, Kaelyn Sanders), revised

January 2024

Cyberstalking Victimization (Erin Faucher, Jaeyong Choi)
Epidemiological Criminology (Ali Rowhani-Rahbar, Haylea Hannah)
Habitat Loss (Mònica Pons-Hernández)
Measuring Violent Crime (Joanne Savage)
National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) (Grant Drawve, Casey Harris, Kaitlyn Campbell)
Online Terrorism and Violent Extremism (Ryan Scrivens, Tiana Gaudette)
Police Legitimacy, Procedural Justice, and Formal Social Control (Robert E. Worden, Beau P. Holladay, Sarah J. McLean)
Speciesism and the Non-human (Ragnhild Sollund)
The Eurogang Program of Research (Finn-Aage Esbensen, Cheryl L. Maxson), revised

November 2023

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