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March 2021

Agent-level Adaptive Learning (George W. Evans, Bruce McGough)
Corporate Takeovers and Non-Financial Stakeholders (Daniel Greene, Omesh Kini, Mo Shen, Jaideep Shenoy)
Markov Switching (Yong Song, Tomasz Woźniak)

February 2021

Commodity Market Integration (Giovanni Federico)
The Trade-Off Theory of Corporate Capital Structure (Hengjie Ai, Murray Z. Frank, Ali Sanati)

January 2021

An Introduction to Bootstrap Theory in Time Series Econometrics (Giuseppe Cavaliere, Heino Bohn Nielsen, Anders Rahbek)

December 2020

Bid-Ask Spread: Theory and Empirical Evidence (Mahendrarajah Nimalendran, Giovanni Petrella)

November 2020

Adaptive Learning in Macroeconomics (George W. Evans, Bruce McGough)
Discounting and Climate Policy (Frederick van der Ploeg)

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