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November 2023

Immigration and International Trade (Katharina Erhardt, Andrea Lassmann)
Time Consistent Policies and Quasi-Hyperbolic Discounting (Łukasz Balbus, Kevin Reffett, Łukasz Woźny)
October 2023
Central Bank Monetary Policy and Consumer Credit Markets (Xudong An, Larry Cordell, Raluca A. Roman, Calvin Zhang)
Peer Effects in Education (Andrés Barrios-Fernandez), revised
The Implications of Pupil Rank for Achievement (Richard Murphy, Felix Weinhardt)

September 2023

Explaining The Mathematics Gender Gap: The Role of Stereotypes (Pilar Cuevas Ruiz, Ismael Sanz, Almudena Sevilla), revised
Macroprudential Policies and Global Finance (Stijn Claessens, Aaron Mehrotra, Ilhyock Shim)
Publication Bias in Asset Pricing Research (Andrew Y. Chen, Tom Zimmermann)
The Economic Benefits of Education for the Reduction of Crime (Joel Carr, Oliver Marie, Sunčica Vujić)

August 2023

An Analysis of COVID-19 Student Learning Loss (Harry Patrinos, Emiliana Vegas, Rohan Carter-Rau)
Corporate Governance Implications of the Growth in Indexing (Alon Brav, Andrey Malenko, Nadya Malenko)
Housing and Macroeconomics (Charles Ka Yui Leung)
Leverage in Private Equity Real Estate (Jacob S. Sagi, Zipei Zhu)
Trade Liberalization and Informal Labor Markets (Lourenço S. Paz, Jennifer P. Poole)

July 2023

Assessments in Education (Hans Henrik Sievertsen)
Forecasting Electricity Prices (Katarzyna Maciejowska, Bartosz Uniejewski, Rafal Weron)
Human Capital in a Historical Perspective (Gabriele Cappelli, Leonardo Ridolfi, Michelangelo Vasta)
Tariffs and the Macroeconomy (Xiangtao Meng, Katheryn N. Russ, Sanjay R. Singh)

June 2023


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