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December 2020

Bid-Ask Spread: Theory and Empirical Evidence (Mahendrarajah Nimalendran, Giovanni Petrella)

November 2020

Adaptive Learning in Macroeconomics (George W. Evans, Bruce McGough)
Discounting and Climate Policy (Frederick van der Ploeg)

October 2020

Consumer Debt and Default: A Macro Perspective (Florian Exler, Michèle Tertilt)
New Economic Geography (Ching-mu Chen, Shin-Kun Peng)
The Pecking Order Theory of Capital Structure (Murray Z. Frank, Vidhan Goyal, Tao Shen)

September 2020


August 2020

Credit Ratings and Rating Agencies (Miles Livingston, Lei Zhou)
The Economics of Dementia (Sheelah Connolly)

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