Past Updates

August 2023

An Analysis of COVID-19 Student Learning Loss (Harry Patrinos, Emiliana Vegas, Rohan Carter-Rau)
Corporate Governance Implications of the Growth in Indexing (Alon Brav, Andrey Malenko, Nadya Malenko)
Housing and Macroeconomics (Charles Ka Yui Leung)
Leverage in Private Equity Real Estate (Jacob S. Sagi, Zipei Zhu)
Trade Liberalization and Informal Labor Markets (Lourenço S. Paz, Jennifer P. Poole)

July 2023

Assessments in Education (Hans Henrik Sievertsen)
Forecasting Electricity Prices (Katarzyna Maciejowska, Bartosz Uniejewski, Rafal Weron)
Human Capital in a Historical Perspective (Gabriele Cappelli, Leonardo Ridolfi, Michelangelo Vasta)
Tariffs and the Macroeconomy (Xiangtao Meng, Katheryn N. Russ, Sanjay R. Singh)

June 2023


May 2023

Education and Social Mobility (Helena Holmlund, Martin Nybom)
Financial Bubbles in History (William Quinn, John Turner)

March 2023

Economics and Family Structures (Thomas Baudin, Bram De Rock, Paula Gobbi)

February 2023

Fractional Integration and Cointegration (Javier Hualde, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen)

January 2023

Behavioral Development Economics (Karla Hoff, Allison Demeritt)

December 2022

Housing, Neighborhoods, and Education (Sarah A. Cordes, Jeehee Han, Amy Schwartz)

November 2022

Housing Policy and Affordable Housing (Christian A.L. Hilber, Olivier Schöni)
Sparse Grids for Dynamic Economic Models (Johannes Brumm, Christopher Krause, Andreas Schaab, Simon Scheidegger)

October 2022

Score-Driven Models: Methodology and Theory (Mariia Artemova, Francisco Blasques, Janneke van Brummelen, Siem Jan Koopman)

August 2022

Score-Driven Models: Methods and Applications (Mariia Artemova, Francisco Blasques, Janneke van Brummelen, Siem Jan Koopman)

July 2022

Applications of Web Scraping in Economics and Finance (Piotr Śpiewanowski, Oleksandr Talavera, Linh Vi)
Gene-Environment Interplay in the Social Sciences (Rita Dias Pereira, Pietro Biroli, Titus Galama, Stephanie von Hinke, Hans van Kippersluis, Cornelius A. Rietveld, Kevin Thom)
Maternity Leave and Paternity Leave: Evidence on the Economic Impact of Legislative Chances in High Income Countries (Serena Canaan, Anne Sophie Lassen, Philip Rosenbaum, Herdis Steingrimsdottir)

June 2022

Asset Pricing: Time Series Predictability (David E. Rapach, Guofu Zhou)
Modern Swedish Economic History (Svante Prado, Jakob Molinder)

May 2022

Financial Frictions and International Trade: A Review (David Kohn, Fernando Leibovici, Michal Szkup)
Household Finance (Sumit Agarwal, Jian Zhang, Xin Zou)
Housing and the Labor Market (Robert R. Reed III)
Monopsony Power, Race, and Gender (Aida Farmand, Teresa Ghilarducci)

April 2022

Energy Finance (William Megginson, Herber Farnsworth, Bing (Violet) Xu)
International Trade with Heterogeneous Firms: Theory and Evidence (Alessandra Bonfiglioli, Rosario Crinò, Gino Gancia)
Locational Networks (Fan-chin Kung)

March 2022

Making Institutions Work From the Bottom Up in Africa (Moussa P. Blimpo, Admasu Asfaw Maruta, Josephine Ofori Adofo)

February 2022

Corporate Credit Derivatives (George Batta, Fan Yu)
Modern Finnish Economic History (Jari Eloranta, Jari Ojala)

January 2022

Econometrics for Modelling Climate Change (Jennifer L. Castle, David F. Hendry)
The 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic in Economic History (Martin Karlsson, Daniel Kühnle, Nikolaos Prodromidis)

December 2021


November 2021

Business Cycles and Apprenticeships (Samuel Muehlemann, Stefan Wolter)

October 2021


September 2021

School Choice and Accountability (Simon Burgess, Ellen Greaves)

August 2021

Climate Change and Coastal Vulnerability (Xiaoyu Li, Sathya Gopalakrishnan)
Cliometrics: Past, Present, and Future (Claude Diebolt, Michael Haupert)
Education and Economic Growth (Eric A. Hanushek, Ludger Woessmann)
Financial Economics of United States Slavery (Rajesh P. Narayanan, Jonathan Pritchett)
Financing Higher Education (Bruce Chapman, Lorraine Dearden)
The Behavioral Consequences of Conflict Exposure on Risk Preferences (Enrique Fatas, Nathaly Jiménez, Lina Restrepo-Plaza, Gustavo Rincón)
The Economics of Health and Migration (Osea Giuntella, Timothy J. Halliday)
Willingness to Pay in Hedonic Pricing Models (David Wolf, H. Allen Klaiber)

June 2021

Economic Studies on the Opioid Crisis: Costs, Causes, and Policy Responses (Johanna Catherine Maclean, Justine Mallatt, Christopher J. Ruhm, Kosali Simon)
Modern Norwegian Economic History (Ola Honningdal Grytten)
Religiosity and Development (Jeanet Sinding Bentzen)

May 2021


April 2021

Growth econometrics (Jonathan R. W. Temple)
International Capital Flows (Yanshuo Chen, Galina Hale)
The Growth of Global Corporate Debt: Main Facts and Policy Challenges (Facundo Abraham, Juan J. Cortina, Sergio L. Schmukler)

March 2021

Agent-level Adaptive Learning (George W. Evans, Bruce McGough)
Corporate Takeovers and Non-Financial Stakeholders (Daniel Greene, Omesh Kini, Mo Shen, Jaideep Shenoy)
Markov Switching (Yong Song, Tomasz Woźniak)

February 2021

Commodity Market Integration (Giovanni Federico)
The Trade-Off Theory of Corporate Capital Structure (Hengjie Ai, Murray Z. Frank, Ali Sanati)

January 2021

An Introduction to Bootstrap Theory in Time Series Econometrics (Giuseppe Cavaliere, Heino Bohn Nielsen, Anders Rahbek)

December 2020

Bid-Ask Spread: Theory and Empirical Evidence (Mahendrarajah Nimalendran, Giovanni Petrella)

November 2020

Adaptive Learning in Macroeconomics (George W. Evans, Bruce McGough)
Discounting and Climate Policy (Frederick van der Ploeg)

October 2020

Consumer Debt and Default: A Macro Perspective (Florian Exler, Michèle Tertilt)
New Economic Geography (Ching-mu Chen, Shin-Kun Peng)
The Pecking Order Theory of Capital Structure (Murray Z. Frank, Vidhan Goyal, Tao Shen)

September 2020


August 2020

Credit Ratings and Rating Agencies (Miles Livingston, Lei Zhou)
The Economics of Dementia (Sheelah Connolly)

July 2020

The Contribution of New Economic Geography (Pascal Mossay, Pierre M. Picard)

June 2020


May 2020

Bootstrapping in Macroeconometrics (Helmut Herwartz, Alexander Lange)
Guilds and the Economy (Sheilagh Ogilvie)

April 2020


March 2020

Financial Inclusion and Human Development (Maria Soledad Martinez Peria, Mu Yang Shin)
Global House Prices: Trends and Cycles (Hites Ahir, Prakash Loungani)
Gravity Models and Empirical Trade (Scott Baier, Samuel Standaert)
Shared Prosperity: Concepts, Data, and Some Policy Examples (Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Emanuela Galasso, Mario Negre)

February 2020

Dual Labor Markets Revisited (Samuel Bentolila, Juan J. Dolado, Juan F. Jimeno)
Economic Development in Spain, 1815–2017 (Leandro Prados de la Escosura, Blanca Sánchez-Alonso)
International Trade Since 1914 (James Foreman-Peck)

January 2020

Geography, Trade, and Power-Law Phenomena (Pao-Li Chang, Wen-Tai Hsu)
Human Capital Inequality: Empirical Evidence (Brant Abbott, Giovanni Gallipoli)
Improving on Simple Majority Voting by Alternative Voting Mechanisms (Jacob K. Goeree, Philippos Louis, Jingjing Zhang)

December 2019

A Review of Gender Differences in Negotiation (Iñigo Hernandez-Arenaz, Nagore Iriberri)
Age-Period-Cohort Models (Zoë Fannon, Bent Nielsen)

November 2019

Experimental Economics and Experimental Sociology (Johanna Gereke, Klarita Gërxhani)
Predictive Regressions (Jesús Gonzalo, Jean-Yves Pitarakis)
Sovereign Debt: Theory (Vivian Zhanwei Yue, Bin Wei)

August 2019

Design of Discrete Choice Experiments (Deborah J. Street, Rosalie Viney)
Developmental Origins of Health Inequality (Gabriella Conti, Giacomo Mason, Stavros Poupakis)
Heterogeneity in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (Ciaran N. Kohli-Lynch, Andrew H. Briggs)
Macroeconomic Aspects of Housing (Charles Ka Yui Leung, Cho Yiu Joe Ng)
The Biological Foundations of Economic Preferences (Nikolaus Robalino, Arthur Robson)
The Economics of Early Interventions Aimed at Child Development (Samuel Berlinski, Marcos Vera-Hernández)

July 2019

Boom-Bust Capital Flow Cycles (Graciela Laura Kaminsky)
Contests: Theory and Topics (Qiang Fu, Zenan Wu)
Corruption and Development: An Overview (Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, Till Hartmann)
Geography of Growth and Development (Esteban Rossi-Hansberg)
Microstructure of Foreign Exchange Markets (Martin D. D. Evans, Dagfinn Rime)
The Value of a Statistical Life (Thomas J. Kniesner, W. Kip Viscusi)
Trade Agreements: Theoretical Foundations (Mostafa Beshkar, Eric Bond)

June 2019

Competition and Quality in Healthcare (Peter Sivey, Yijuan Chen)
Economic Evaluation of Medical Screening (Eline Aas, Emily Burger, Kine Pedersen)
Economic Incentives, Risk Behaviors, and HIV (Sandra G. Sosa-Rubí, Omar Galárraga)
Health Insurance Plan Choice and Switching (Joachim Winter, Amelie Wuppermann)
Strategies to Counteract Risk Selection in Social Health Insurance Markets (Richard C. van Kleef, Thomas G. McGuire, Frederik T. Schut, Wynand P. M. M. van de Ven)
The Economics of Long-Term Care (Norman Bannenberg, Martin Karlsson, Hendrik Schmitz)
The Rationale for Interventions to Foster Child Development (Samuel Berlinski, Marcos Vera-Hernández)

May 2019

Measuring Health Utility in Economics (José Luis Pinto-Prades, Arthur Attema, Fernando Ignacio Sánchez-Martínez)
Modeling Chronic Diseases in Relation to Risk Factors (Pieter van Baal, Hendriek Boshuizen)
New Monetarist Economics (Chao Gu, Han Han, Randall Wright)
The Economics of Informal Care (Courtney Van Houtven, Fiona Carmichael, Josephine Jacobs, Peter C. Coyte)
The Effects of Monetary Policy Announcements (Chao Gu, Han Han, Randall Wright)

April 2019

Bayesian Vector Autoregressions: Applications (Silvia Miranda-Agrippino, Giovanni Ricco)
Bayesian Vector Autoregressions: Estimation (Silvia Miranda-Agrippino, Giovanni Ricco)
Data Revisions and Real-Time Forecasting (Michael P. Clements, Ana Beatriz Galvão)
Econometrics of Stated Preferences (Denzil G. Fiebig, Hong Il Yoo)
Health Insurance and Labor Supply (Gregory Colman, Dhaval Dave, Otto Lenhart)
Incentives in Healthcare Payment Systems (Ching-to Albert Ma, Henry Y. Mak)
Investments in Children's Mental Health (Daniel Eisenberg, Ramesh Raghavan)
Quality in Nursing Homes (Matteo Lippi Bruni, Irene Mammi, Rossella Verzulli)
The Evolution of Forecast Density Combinations in Economics (Knut Are Aastveit, James Mitchell, Francesco Ravazzolo, Herman K. van Dijk)
Variations in the Adoption of Healthcare Innovation: A Literature Review (Marisa Miraldo, Katharina Hauck, Antoine Vernet, Ana Wheelock)

March 2019

Economics of Agglomeration (Jacques-François Thisse)
Frameworks for Priority Setting in Health and Social Care (Marissa Collins, Neil McHugh, Rachel Baker, Alec Morton, Lucy Frith, Keith Syrett, Cam Donaldson)
Medical Malpractice Litigation (David A. Hyman, Charles Silver)
New Technologies and Costs in Healthcare (Vincenzo Atella, Joanna Kopinska)
Pay-for-Performance and Long-Term Care (Jun Li, Edward C. Norton)
Structural Breaks in Time Series (Alessandro Casini, Pierre Perron)
Valuation of Health Risks (Henrik Andersson, Arne Risa Hole, Mikael Svensson)

February 2019

Economic Geography and Trade (Anthony J. Venables)
Economics and Family Law (Antony W. Dnes)
Health and Economic Growth (David E. Bloom, Michael Kuhn, Klaus Prettner)
Health Information Technology (Jordan Everson, Melinda Beeuwkes Buntin)
The Law and Economics of Employment Discrimination Law (Joni Hersch, Blair Druhan Bullock)

November 2018

October 2018

Aging and Healthcare Costs (Martin Karlsson, Tor Iversen, Henning Øien)
Models of Health and Addiction (Audrey Laporte, Brian S. Ferguson)
Time Preferences for Health (Marjon van der Pol, Alastair Irvine)

September 2018

Age-Period-Cohort Models (Bent Nielsen), summary
Economics of Rural-Urban Migration (Pei-Ju Liao, Chong Kee Yip)
Financing and Policy for Long-Term Care (Alexandrina Stoyanova, David Cantarero-Prieto)
Geographic Proximity and Science Parks (Albert N. Link, John T. Scott)
Outlier Detection (Bent Nielsen), summary
Predictive Regressions (Jesús Gonzalo, Jean-Yves Pitarakis), summary

August 2018

Economics and Genomics (Jason M. Fletcher)

July 2018

Famines, Hunger, and Later-Life Health (Gerard J. van den Berg, Maarten Lindeboom)
The Economics of Families and Health (Susan Averett, Jennifer Kohn)
The Spatial Dimension of Health Systems (Elisa Tosetti, Rita Santos, Francesco Moscone, Giuseppe Arbia)

June 2018

The Economics of Malaria Prevention (Bénédicte Apouey, Gabriel Picone, Joshua Wilde)

May 2018

Challenges in Financing Universal Health Coverage in Sub-Saharan Africa (Diane McIntyre, Amarech G. Obse, Edwine W. Barasa, John E. Ataguba)
Long Memory Models (Peter Robinson)
Technology, Productivity and Costs in Healthcare (Albert A. Okunade, Ahmad Reshad Osmani)
The Economics of Cognitive Aging (Fabrizio Mazzonna, Franco Peracchi)

April 2018

Financial Frictions in Macroeconomic Models (Alfred Duncan, Charles Nolan)
The Business Cycle and Health (Cristina Bellés-Obrero, Judit Vall Castello)
The Economics of Smoking Prevention (Philip DeCicca, Donald S. Kenkel, Michael F. Lovenheim, Erik Nesson)

March 2018

Behavioral Experiments in Health Economics (Matteo M. Galizzi, Daniel Wiesen)
Economic Evaluation of Medical Devices (Michael Drummond, Rosanna Tarricone, Aleksandra Torbica)
Geographic Proximity and Science Parks (Albert N. Link, John T. Scott), summary
Globalization, Trade, and Health Economics (Richard Smith, Johanna Hanefeld)
Mixed Frequency Models (Eric Ghysels)
Qualitative Methods in Health Economics (Joanna Coast, Manuela De Allegri)

February 2017

Ageing and Healthcare Costs (Martin Karlsson, Tor Iversen, Henning Öien), summary