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April 2024

Labor Market Returns to Higher Education (Ghazala Azmat, Jack Britton)
The Hong Kong Housing Market (Lok Sang Ho, Yonglin Wang), revised


March 2024

Unintended Fertility: Trends, Causes, Consequences (Christine Piette Durrance, Melanie Guldi), revised


February 2024

Asset Pricing: Cross-Section Predictability (Paolo Zaffaroni, Guofu Zhou)
COVID-19 and Mental Health: Natural Experiments of the Costs of Lockdowns (Climent Quintana-Domeque, Jingya Zeng), revised

January 2024

A Review of the Effects of Pay Transparency (Emma Duchini, Stefania Simion, Arthur Turrell)
Earnings Inequality in Latin America: A Three-Decade Retrospective (Manuel Fernández, Gabriela Serrano), revised

December 2023

Econometric Methods for Business Cycle Dating (Máximo Camacho Alonso, Lola Gadea)
Happiness and Productivity in the Workplace (Mahnaz Nazneen, Daniel Sgroi), revised

November 2023

Immigration and International Trade (Katharina Erhardt, Andrea Lassmann)
Time Consistent Policies and Quasi-Hyperbolic Discounting (Łukasz Balbus, Kevin Reffett, Łukasz Woźny)

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