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Recently Published

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May 2019

Measuring Health Utility in Economics (José Luis Pinto-Prades, Arthur Attema, Fernando Ignacio Sánchez-Martínez)
Modeling Chronic Diseases in Relation to Risk Factors (Pieter van Baal, Hendriek Boshuizen)
New Monetarist Economics (Chao Gu, Han Han, Randall Wright)
The Economics of Informal Care (Courtney Van Houtven, Fiona Carmichael, Josephine Jacobs, Peter C. Coyte)
The Effects of Monetary Policy Announcements (Chao Gu, Han Han, Randall Wright)

April 2019

Bayesian Vector Autoregressions: Applications (Silvia Miranda-Agrippino, Giovanni Ricco)
Bayesian Vector Autoregressions: Estimation (Silvia Miranda-Agrippino, Giovanni Ricco)
Data Revisions and Real-Time Forecasting (Michael P. Clements, Ana Beatriz Galvão)
Econometrics of Stated Preferences (Denzil G. Fiebig, Hong Il Yoo)
Health Insurance and Labor Supply (Gregory Colman, Dhaval Dave, Otto Lenhart)
Incentives in Healthcare Payment Systems (Ching-to Albert Ma, Henry Y. Mak)
Investments in Children's Mental Health (Daniel Eisenberg, Ramesh Raghavan)
Quality in Nursing Homes (Matteo Lippi Bruni, Irene Mammi, Rossella Verzulli)
The Evolution of Forecast Density Combinations in Economics (Knut Are Aastveit, James Mitchell, Francesco Ravazzolo, Herman K. van Dijk)
Variations in the Adoption of Healthcare Innovation: A Literature Review (Marisa Miraldo, Katharina Hauck, Antoine Vernet, Ana Wheelock)

March 2019

Economics of Agglomeration (Jacques-François Thisse)
Frameworks for Priority Setting in Health and Social Care (Marissa Collins, Neil McHugh, Rachel Baker, Alec Morton, Lucy Frith, Keith Syrett, Cam Donaldson)
Medical Malpractice Litigation (David A. Hyman, Charles Silver)
New Technologies and Costs in Healthcare (Vincenzo Atella, Joanna Kopinska)
Pay-for-Performance and Long-Term Care (Jun Li, Edward C. Norton)
Structural Breaks in Time Series (Alessandro Casini, Pierre Perron)
Valuation of Health Risks (Henrik Andersson, Arne Risa Hole, Mikael Svensson)

February 2019

Economic Geography and Trade (Anthony J. Venables)
Economics and Family Law (Antony W. Dnes)
Health and Economic Growth (David E. Bloom, Michael Kuhn, Klaus Prettner)
Health Information Technology (Jordan Everson, Melinda Beeuwkes Buntin)
The Law and Economics of Employment Discrimination Law (Joni Hersch, Blair Druhan Bullock)

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