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November 2020
Adaptive Learning in Macroeconomics (George W. Evans, Bruce McGough)
Discounting and Climate Policy (Frederick van der Ploeg)
October 2020
Consumer Debt and Default: A Macro Perspective (Florian Exler, Michèle Tertilt)
New Economic Geography (Ching-mu Chen, Shin-Kun Peng)
The Pecking Order Theory of Capital Structure (Murray Z. Frank, Vidhan Goyal, Tao Shen)
September 2020

August 2020

Credit Ratings and Rating Agencies (Miles Livingston, Lei Zhou)
The Economics of Dementia (Sheelah Connolly)

July 2020

The Contribution of New Economic Geography (Pascal Mossay, Pierre M. Picard)

June 2020


May 2020

Bootstrapping in Macroeconometrics (Helmut Herwartz, Alexander Lange)
Guilds and the Economy (Sheilagh Ogilvie)

April 2020


March 2020

Financial Inclusion and Human Development (Maria Soledad Martinez Peria, Mu Yang Shin)
Global House Prices: Trends and Cycles (Hites Ahir, Prakash Loungani)
Gravity Models and Empirical Trade (Scott Baier, Samuel Standaert)
Shared Prosperity: Concepts, Data, and Some Policy Examples (Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Emanuela Galasso, Mario Negre)

February 2020

Dual Labor Markets Revisited (Samuel Bentolila, Juan J. Dolado, Juan F. Jimeno)
Economic Development in Spain, 1815–2017 (Leandro Prados de la Escosura, Blanca Sánchez-Alonso)
International Trade Since 1914 (James Foreman-Peck)

January 2020

Geography, Trade, and Power-Law Phenomena (Pao-Li Chang, Wen-Tai Hsu)
Human Capital Inequality: Empirical Evidence (Brant Abbott, Giovanni Gallipoli)
Improving on Simple Majority Voting by Alternative Voting Mechanisms (Jacob K. Goeree, Philippos Louis, Jingjing Zhang)

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