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Effective Practices for Teaching Content Area Reading  

Elizabeth A. Stevens and Sharon Vaughn

This is an advance summary of a forthcoming article in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education. Please check back later for the full article. ... More

Effective Practices for Teaching Writing to Students with Disabilities in the United States  

April Longa and Steve Graham

Online publication date:
Sep 2019
Writing is especially challenging for students with disabilities, as 19 out of every 20 of these students experience difficulty learning to write. In order to maximize writing growth, ... More

Elite and Private Education  

Catherine Doherty and Megan Pozzi

Online publication date:
Mar 2017
While meritocratic ideals assume a level playing field for educational competition, those who can may seek to tilt the field in their children’s favor to ensure better educational ... More

Elite Schools and 21st-Century Class-Making  

Jane Kenway and Diana Langmead

Online publication date:
Mar 2017
Whatever else it involves, elite schools’ core work is to help to make and remake class through education. Here, we provide an overview of their everyday practices of class-making and ... More

Embodied Cognition  

Sheila L. Macrine and Jennifer M.B. Fugate

Embodied cognition theories are different from traditional theories of cognition in that they specifically focus on the mind–body connection. This shift in our understanding of how ... More

Emotion and Teacher Education  

Alberto Bellocchi

Emotion research in teaching and education more generally is a well-developed field of inquiry, offering suggestions for initial teacher education course development and practical ... More

Emotions in Social-Historical Educational Contexts  

Paul A. Schutz, Sharon L. Nichols, and Sofia Bahena

After two decades of research on emotions in education we have come to understand little about the relationship of teachers and their instructional decision-making and students and their ... More

Epistemology and Interviews  

Kathryn Roulston

Online publication date:
Jul 2019
Interviews are used ubiquitously in everyday life as a source of information about the social world, whether in clinical interviews, parent–teacher interviews, job interviews, or media and ... More

Epistemology and Teacher Education  

Matthew Smith

This is an advance summary of a forthcoming article in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education. Please check back later for the full article. For ... More

Ethnic Minority Education in China  

Mei Wu, MaryJo Benton Lee, Forrest W. Parkay, and Paul Pitre

This is an advance summary of a forthcoming article in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education. Please check back later for the full article. Since ... More

Ethnographic Inquiry in Teacher Education  

José Ignacio Rivas-Flores

Teaching’s purpose is to build a society’s knowledge and skills through a group of students using a curricular proposal within a social and institutional framework. It therefore takes ... More

Ethnographic Methods for Researching Online Learning and E-Pedagogy  

Karen Borgnakke

Online publication date:
Jul 2019
Ethnographic research in innovative education settings and initiatives has shown the practical impact of modern digital life culture and conditions on both research and professional ... More

Ethnographies of Development in SADC Countries  

Maropeng Modiba and Sandra Stewart

Postcolonial ethnographic studies in Africa and, specifically, in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region tend to demonstrate varying sensitivity to local knowledge ... More

Ethnographies of Education and Anthropological Locations  

Uma Pradhan and Karen Valentin

Online publication date:
Apr 2019
From an anthropological perspective, (educational) ethnography is much more than just a method in terms of a set of techniques but a way of taking a place in and grasping the world that ... More

Ethnography Across Borders  

Marta Sánchez

Online publication date:
Aug 2019
Ethnography is about cultural representation, which implies a gaze and set of questions and assumptions about who is being represented, by whom, and what for. In this sense, ethnography ... More

Ethnography and Education  

Alpesh Maisuria and Dennis Beach

As described in Beach and Dovemark’s 2007 book, Education and the Commodity Problem, critical researchers have identified two fundamental roles for modern-day schools within capitalist ... More

Ethnography and the Study of Los Saberes Docentes (Teaching Knowledge)  

Ruth Mercado and Epifanio Espinosa

A specific comparative framework that incorporates an interpretive process dedicated to developing a more complex understanding of teaching knowledge incorporates the specific local ... More

Ethnography and the Study of Teachers’ Work in Latin America  

Lucía Petrelli

Online publication date:
Sep 2019
This article examines the possibilities of a comparative approach for ethnographic investigations on teachers’ work. It draws on contributions from a study carried out from 2006 to 2010 in ... More

Ethnography in Early Childhood Education  

Jenny Ritchie

Online publication date:
Jul 2019
Ethnography is a qualitative methodology worthy of consideration for application in studies within the field of early childhood education. The long-term, immersive, relational nature of ... More

European Studies and Research in Adult Learning and Education  

Oriol Rios-Gonzalez

The European Commission launched a renewed agenda for adult learning with the objective of ensuring access to high-quality educational opportunities to adult learners for the promotion of ... More