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February 2021

A Critical Examination of Mathematics Curriculum Studies (Theodore Savich, Evan Marquise Taylor, Craig Willey)
Childhood and Curriculum (Julie C. Garlen)
Critical Perspectives on Curriculum and Pedagogy (Ganiva Reyes, Racheal Banda, Brian D. Schultz)
Cross-Cultural and Multicultural Narrative Inquiry (Candace Schlein, Elaine Chan, JoAnn Phillion)
Cultures of Curriculum (Pamela Bolotin Joseph)
Curriculum in a Third Space (Hongyu Wang, Jo Flory)
Cyberculture and Education in Latin America (Rocío Rueda Ortiz, Alejandro Uribe Zapata)
Disability Studies, Crip Theory, and Education (Rachel Hanebutt, Carlyn Mueller)
Gender and Education in Uganda (David Monk, Maria del Guadalupe Davidson, John C. Harris)
Gender and Technologies of Embodiment (Heather Greenhalgh-Spencer)
Intellectual Virtues in Higher Education (Ashley Floyd Kuntz, Rebecca M. Taylor)
Love of Wisdom (B. B. North)
Public Memory and Education in Recent Colombian History (Martha Cecilia Herrera, Carol Pertuz Bedoya)
Queer Theory and Heteronormativity (Page Valentine Regan, Elizabeth J. Meyer)
Relations, Aliveness, Love: Curriculum in the Spirit of the Earth (Jodi Latremouille, Lesley Tait, David W. Jardine)
Sex/Gender and Affect/Emotion (Barbara S. Stengel)
Testimonio in Education (Marcela Rodriguez-Campo)
The Curricular Insights of Ivan Illich (Dana L. Stuchul, Madhu Suri Prakash)
The Pattern of Upbringing (Hansjörg Hohr)
The Value of Play in Education (Einar Sundsdal, Maria Øksnes)

January 2021

Arts and Disability (Anna Hickey-Moody)
Queer Resilience (Adam Greteman)

December 2020

Curricula of Care and Radical Love (Racheal Banda, Ganiva Reyes, Blanca Caldas)
Curriculum Wisdom and Educational Leadership (Daniel J. Castner, Jennifer L. Schneider, James G. Henderson)
Education and Corruption (Amra Sabic-El-Rayess, Stephen P. Heyneman)
From Curriculum Theory to Theorizing (Gabriel Huddleston, Robert Helfenbein)
Inclusion and Migration (Oakleigh Welply)
Integrative Curriculum (James A. Beane)
Islamic Curriculum (Tahraoui Ramdane, Souad Merah)
Learning from Alternative Schools to Enhance School Completion (Kitty te Riele, Glenda McGregor, Martin Mills, Aspa Baroutsis, Debra Hayes)
Preparing the Dutch Educational System for the Future (Klaas van Veen, Jasmijn Bloemert, Fenna Wolthuis)
Quality and Evaluation in Finnish Schools (Jaakko Kauko, Janne Varjo, Hannele Pitkänen)
Relations, Aliveness, Love: Curriculum in the Spirit of the Earth (Jodi Latremouille, Lesley Tait, David W. Jardine)
Revolutionary Critical Rage Pedagogy (Peter McLaren, Petar Jandrić)
School Reform in England (Amanda Nuttall, Edward Podesta)

November 2020

Alternative Conceptions of Adolescence as a Basis for Curriculum (Nancy Lesko, Jacqueline Simmons, Jamie Uva)
Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada (Lisa Johnston, Leah Shoemaker, Nicole Land, Aurelia Di Santo, Susan Jagger)
Educational Reforms in Kenya (Martin Mwongela Kavua)
Global School Funding Debates and Reforms (Elisa Di Gregorio, Glenn C. Savage)
Ideology and Education (David Backer)
Inquiry-Based Curriculum in Early Childhood Education (Fikile Nxumalo, Lisa-Marie Gagliardi, Hye Ryung Won)
Language Policy and Reform in the Indian School System (Rupanjali Karthik, George W. Noblit)
Religious and Cultural Diversity in Spanish Education (Sergio Andrés Cabello, Joaquín Giró Miranda)
Social and Emotional Learning in the Physical Education Curriculum (Paul M. Wright, Barrie Gordon, Shirley Gray)

October 2020

Critical Thinking (Derek Allen, Sharon Bailin, Mark Battersby, James B. Freeman)
Curriculum for Liberation in the Neoliberal Era (Noah De Lissovoy, Alex J. Armonda)
Effective Strategies for Improving Reading Comprehension (Meenakshi Gajria, Athena Lentini McAlenney)
Gender and Bullying (Elizabeth J. Meyer)
Indigenous Education in Canada (Jo-ann Archibald – Q’um Q’um Xiiem)
Intellectual Styles (Li-fang Zhang, Robert J. Sternberg)
New Approaches to Designing and Administering Inclusive Assessments (Meagan Karvonen, Neal M. Kingston, Michael L. Wehmeyer, W. Jake Thompson)
Philosophical Tenets of Action Research in Education (Luis Sebastián Villacañas de Castro, Darío Luis Banegas)
Popular Media and Youth Resistances (Amber Moore, Elizabeth Marshall)
Purposes of Arts Education (Rebecca Heaton, Richard Hickman)
Queer and Trans Youth Organizing (Julia Sinclair-Palm)
Remote and Rural Education in Australia and the Pacific (Stephen Crump, Kylie Twyford, Theresa Koroivulaono)
Rural Education in China (Liang Du, Huimeng Li, Weijian Wang)
Sex Segregated Schools to Challenge Gender and Racial Bias (Kathryn Herr, Kathleen Grant, Jeremy Price)
Students with Special Needs Who Are Gifted and Talented (Twice Exceptional) (Nina Yssel, Kristie Speirs Neumeister, Virginia Burney)
Teacher-Principal Trust (Ismail Hussein Amzat)
Teaching Learners with Vision Impairment: An Analysis of Evidence-Based Practice (Mike McLinden, Graeme Douglas, Rachel Hewett, Paul Lynch, Jane Thistlethwaite)
Trans Gender/Queer Youth (Alandis A. Johnson)
Urban Teaching and Black Girls' Pedagogies (Menah Pratt-Clarke, Andrea N. Baldwin, Letisha Engracia Cardoso Brown)

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