The Oxford Encyclopedia of Curriculum Studies

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Curriculum Studies

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Curriculum Studies provides a unique reference work on contemporary curriculum studies, a field dedicated to inquiry into what is worthwhile to know and experience in order to contribute meaningfully to individual and social growth. Each of the Encyclopedia’s ten sections draws from scholarship from diverse cultural and paradigmatic orientations and from related disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and counter-disciplinary perspectives in an effort to broadly survey the varied understandings of curriculum studies in the world today. All of the articles also appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Curriculum Studies is the recipient of the Society of Professors of Education’s 2022 Outstanding Book Award.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Curriculum Studies is the recipient of the The American Educational Studies Association’s 2023 Critics' Choice Book Award.

Editors in Chief

William H. Schubert, University of Illinois at Chicago (emeritus)

Ming Fang He, Georgia Southern University

Associate Editors

Isabel Nuñez, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

Patrick Roberts, Northern Illinois University

Sabrina Ross, Georgia Southern University

Brian D. Schultz, Miami University

International Advisory Board

Gustavo Fischman, Arizona State University

Craig Kridel, University of South Carolina

Joao M. Paraskeva, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Michael Knoll, Universität Bayreuth

Chi Kin John Lee, Hong Kong Institute of Education

Barry J. Fraser, Curtin University

Crain Soudien, Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa

Maria de Ibarrola, Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del I.P.N.



A Critical Examination of Mathematics Curriculum Studies (Theodore Savich, Evan Marquise Taylor, Craig Willey)
A Critical Review of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) (Laura Colucci-Gray, Pamela Burnard, Donald Gray, Carolyn Cooke)
Alternative Conceptions of Adolescence as a Basis for Curriculum (Nancy Lesko, Jacqueline Simmons, Jamie Uva)
An Overview of Qualitative Inquiry in Curriculum Studies (Gabriel Huddleston, M. Francyne Huckaby)
Bilingual Education (Aria Razfar)
Childhood and Curriculum (Julie C. Garlen)
Creativity and Dance Education Research (Kerry Chappell, Charlotte Hathaway)
Creativity in Education (Anne Harris, Leon De Bruin)
Critical Perspectives on Curriculum and Pedagogy (Ganiva Reyes, Racheal Banda, Brian D. Schultz)
Critical White Studies and Curriculum Theory (James C. Jupp, Pauli Badenhorst)
Cross-Cultural and Multicultural Narrative Inquiry (Candace Schlein, Elaine Chan, JoAnn Phillion)
Cultures of Curriculum (Pamela Bolotin Joseph)
Curricula of Care and Radical Love (Racheal Banda, Ganiva Reyes, Blanca Caldas)
The [Curricular] Insights of Ivan Illich (Dana L. Stuchul, Madhu Suri Prakash)
Curriculum and Place (William M. Reynolds)
Curriculum for Liberation in the Neoliberal Era (Noah De Lissovoy, Alex J. Armonda)
Curriculum History (Kelly P. Vaughan)
Curriculum Ideologies (Christopher B. Crowley)
Curriculum in a Third Space (Hongyu Wang, Jo Flory)
Curriculum of Social Movements (William Ayers, Rick Ayers, Joel Westheimer)
Curriculum Proposals (Edmund C. Short)
Curriculum Wisdom and Educational Leadership (Daniel J. Castner, Jennifer L. Schneider, James G. Henderson)
Dialogic Education (Rupert Wegerif)
Diaspora Curriculum (Ming Fang He)
Drama and Learning (Anton Franks)
Educational Policy and Curriculum Studies (Pamela J. Konkol, Peter C. Renn, Sophia Rodriguez)
Elite and Private Education (Catherine Doherty, Megan Pozzi)
From Curriculum Theory to Theorizing (Gabriel Huddleston, Robert Helfenbein)
Grounding Indigenous Teacher Education through Red Praxis (Jeremy Garcia, Valerie Shirley, Sandy Grande)
Human Rights Education (A. Kayum Ahmed)
Inquiry-Based Curriculum in Early Childhood Education (Fikile Nxumalo, Lisa-Marie Gagliardi, Hye Ryung Won)
Integrative Curriculum (James A. Beane)
Islamic Curriculum (Tahraoui Ramdane, Merah Souad)
John Dewey and Curriculum Studies (Craig A. Cunningham)
Multiracial Curriculum Perspectives (Sonia Janis, Joy Howard)
Music as Curriculum (Robert Lake)
Mythopoetics of Curriculum (Mary Aswell Doll)
Oral History Illustrated by the Case of Cyprus (Nicoletta (Niki) Christodoulou, Miranda Christou, Maria Hadjipavlou)
Play as Curriculum (Drew Chappell)
Postmodern Curriculum (Karen A. Krasny, Patrick Slattery)
Public Pedagogy Theories, Methodologies, and Ethics (Michael P. O'Malley, Jennifer A. Sandlin, Jake Burdick)
Queer Students in the Carceral State (Erica Meiners, Jessica Fuentes)
Relations, Aliveness, Love: Curriculum in the Spirit of the Earth (Jodi Latremouille, Lesley Tait, David W. Jardine)
Revolutionary Critical Rage Pedagogy (Peter McLaren, Petar Jandrić)
Sensuous Curriculum (Walter S. Gershon)
Social and Emotional Learning in the Physical Education Curriculum (Paul M. Wright, Barrie Gordon, Shirley Gray)
STEM Education (Stephen M. Ritchie)
Teaching Self-Efficacy (David B. Morris)