The Oxford Encyclopedia of Educational Administration

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Educational Administration

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Educational Administration will provide a global overview of the expansive, ever-evolving body of research in educational administration and leadership, considered across educational contexts. The field of educational administration is truly complex and, in the work of effectively leading schools, administrators must address pressures from governments, community members, educators, unions, and students, among other groups. The encyclopedia will serve as a distillation of the vast streams of research being generated in the field, as well as a source of critical analysis that will help practitioners and scholars to make better sense of the competing interests that they encounter in their daily work. All of the articles appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education.

Editor in Chief

Rosemary Papa, Educational Leaders Without Borders

Associate Editors

Alberto Arenas, University of Arizona

Fenwick English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Rosna Bt Awang Hashim, Universiti Utara Malaysia

Jay Heffron, Soka University of America

Yaşar Kondakçı, Middle East Technical University

Iliana Reyes, University of Arizona

Anna Saiti, Harokopio University



Academic Optimism (Martinette V. Horner, Kathleen M. Brown)
School Accountability (Esther Dominique Klein)
Accountability of Assessment Administration (Arsaythamby Veloo, Ruzlan Md-Ali)
Action Research (Eileen S. Johnson)
Aesthetics of Leadership (Fenwick W. English)
An Emerging Framework for Inclusive Educational Leadership (Lisiane Celia Palma, Noelle W. Arnold)
Climate Change and Social Resilience (Edgar J. González-Gaudiano)
Culturally Proficient Leadership (Randall B. Lindsey, Raymond D. Terrell)
Decolonization of Environmental Education from the Perspective of Southern Environmental Thinking (Ana Patricia Noguera de Echeverri, Sergio Manuel Echeverri Noguera, Diana Alexandra Bernal Arias)
Democratic Leadership (Philip A. Woods)
Educational Change (Yasar Kondakci)
Educational Leadership and Job Satisfaction (Raimonda Alonderiene, Margarita Pilkiene)
Educational Management (Richard Lynch, Poonpilas Asavisanu)
Garden-Based Education (Dilafruz Williams)
Globally Minded Leaders (John M. Heffron, Rosemary Papa)
Land Education (Austin R. Cruz)
Leadership and Supervision (Sally J. Zepeda)
Leadership and Teacher Education in Oman (Sulaiman M. Al-Balushi, Khalaf M. Al'Abri, Mahmoud M. Emam)
Leadership Practices and Managerial Accountability in Italy (Angelo Paletta, Christopher Bezzina, Genc Alimehmeti)
Leading Through Conflict With Credibility (Thomas R. Hughes, Frank D. Davidson)
Mentoring Across Teacher Career Stages (Beverly J. Irby, Nahed Abdelrahman)
Moral Dimensions of Leadership (Frank D. Davidson, Thomas R. Hughes)
Organizational Theory and Culture in Education (Norazlinda Saad, Paramjit Kaur)
Organizational Trust in Schools (Megan Tschannen-Moran)
Parties in Privatizing American Public Education (Leslie S. Kaplan, William A. Owings)
Peer Effects in Education (Jonathan Pratschke)
Politics, Power, and Social Hegemony (William Kyle Ingle, Lora Cohen-Vogel)
School Boards (Michael Ford)
School Climate and Academic Performance (Siti Noor Ismail, Aizan Yaacob)
School Climate and Its Impact on School Development in Nigeria (Habibat Abubakar Yusuf, Ismail Hussein Amzat)
School Leadership Preparation and Development in England (Philip A. Woods, Suzanne Culshaw, Joy Jarvis, Amanda Roberts)
School Networks (Denise Mifsud)
Teacher Evaluation (Nurahimah Mohd Yusoff)
Teacher-Principal Trust (Ismail Hussein Amzat)
Theories of Educational Leadership (Gabriele Lakomski, Colin W. Evers)
Transformative Leadership (Carolyn M. Shields)
Trust in Principals (Merve Zayim-Kurtay)
Water Conservation in Schools (Olga María Bermúdez)