The Oxford Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality in Education

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality in Education

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality in Education will gather a diverse group of scholars from around the globe to summarize and synthesize the rapidly expanding body of research on gender and sexuality in educational settings. The encyclopedia aims to provide authoritative guidance to encourage a broader understanding of the impact of gender and sexuality on educational research and to help researchers and practitioners alike develop new approaches to these areas in their work. All of the articles appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education.

Editor in Chief

Cris Mayo, West Virginia University

Associate Editors

Xiuying Cai, Xiamen University

Zelia Gregoriou, University of Cyprus

Thabo Msibi, University of Kwazulu-Natal

Carmen Ocón, Clark University

Lisa Weems, Miami University



Critical Race Parenting in Education (Cheryl E. Matias, Shoshanna Bitz)
Disability Studies, Crip Theory, and Education (Rachel Hanebutt, Carlyn Mueller)
Gender and Bullying (Elizabeth J. Meyer)
Gender and Education in Postcolonial Contexts (Barbara Crossouard, Máiréad Dunne)
Gender and Education in Uganda (David Monk, Maria del Guadalupe Davidson, John C. Harris)
Gender and Latinx Pedagogy (Mirelsie Velazquez)
Gender and Technologies of Embodiment (Heather Greenhalgh-Spencer)
Gender Equitable Education and Technological Innovation (Jennifer Jenson, Suzanne de Castell)
Gender-Equitable Schooling in Brazil (Ellen Belchior Rodrigues)
Gender, Justice, and Equity in Education (Elisabet Öhrn, Gaby Weiner)
LGBTIQ+ Teachers (Emily Gray)
LGBTQ Education Policy (Elizabethe Payne, Melissa Smith)
Masculinities and Teacher Education (Darrell Cleveland Hucks)
Physical Education, Sports, and Gender (Beccy Watson, Jayne Caudwell, Belinda Wheaton, Louise Mansfield)
Popular Media and Youth Resistances (Amber Moore, Elizabeth Marshall)
Queer and Trans Youth Organizing (Julia Sinclair-Palm)
Queer-Identifying Boys, the School Toilet, and Queerphobia (Ndumiso Daluxolo Ngidi, Nkonzo Mkhize, Brian Bongani Sibeko)
Queer Pedagogical Theory (Matthew Thomas-Reid)
Queer Resilience (Adam Greteman)
Queer Theory and Heteronormativity (Page Valentine Regan, Elizabeth J. Meyer)
Sex/Gender and Affect/Emotion (Barbara S. Stengel)
Sex Segregated Schools to Challenge Gender and Racial Bias (Kathryn Herr, Kathleen Grant, Jeremy Price)
Special Education and Gender in the United States (Nickie Coomer, Chelsea Stinson)
Testimonio in Education (Marcela Rodriguez-Campo)
Trans Gender/Queer Youth (Alandis A. Johnson)
Urban Teaching and Black Girls' Pedagogies (Menah Pratt-Clarke, Andrea N. Baldwin, Letisha Engracia Cardoso Brown)
Water and Gender (Martina Angela Caretta, Brandon Anthony Rothrock)