The Oxford Encyclopedia of Inclusive and Special Education

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Inclusive and Special Education

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Inclusive and Special Education will gather researchers and practitioners from around the globe to explore a wide range of topics at the nexus of inclusive and special schooling. Uniquely, the Encyclopedia will address topics related to both special and inclusive education in a single collection. This approach makes the volume particularly relevant to contemporary researchers, as special and inclusive education are inextricably linked and lessons learned in one domain have significant implications for the other. The project brings a fresh perspective insofar as it is organized around the assumption that scholars around the world can learn a great deal from colleagues who work in economically poor nations, and whose voices and experiences have often been missing from the field. All of the articles will also appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education.


Umesh Sharma, Monash University

Spencer Salend, State University of New York at New Paltz (emeritus)

Associate Editors

Amitav Mishra, Indira Gandhi National Open University

Jayanthi Narayan, University of Northampton

Maya Kalyanpur, University of San Diego

Michael Arthur-Kelly, University of Newcastle

Federico Waitoller, University of Illinois at Chicago

Laura Sokal, University of Winnipeg

Mirna Nel, North-West University (South Africa)

Richard Rose, University of Northampton 


Data-based Decision Making (Mark Carter, Sarah Carlon)
Dual Certification Programs (Linda P. Blanton, Marleen C. Pugach)
Effective Practices for Helping Students Transition to Work (Michael Shevlin, Marie Devitt, Barbara Ringwood, Des Aston)
Effective Practices for Teaching Content Area Reading (Elizabeth A. Stevens, Sharon Vaughn)
Effective Practices for Teaching Social Skills (Timothy J. Lewis, Jessica Simpson)
High Leverage Practices in Elementary Inclusive Education (Lawrence J. Maheady, Angela L. Patti)
Inclusive Societies (Zana Marie Lutfiyya, Nadine A. Bartlett)
Models of School-Family Relations (Cristina Santamaría Graff, Brandon Sherman)
Preparing Teaching Assistants for Including all Learners (Rob Webster, Paula Bosanquet, Peter Blatchford)
Professional Development for Inclusive Education (Dries Vansteenkiste, Estelle Swart, Elke Struyf, Piet Van Avermaet)
Response to Intervention (Evelyn S. Johnson)
Students with Special Needs Who Are Gifted and Talented (Twice Exceptional) (Nina Yssel, Kristie Speirs Neumeister, Virginia Burney)
The Matter of ‘Evidence’ in the Inclusive Education Debate (Christopher Boyle, George Koutsouris, Anna Salla Mateu)