Past Updates

January 2021

Arts and Disability (Anna Hickey-Moody)
Queer Resilience (Adam Greteman)

December 2020

Curricula of Care and Radical Love (Racheal Banda, Ganiva Reyes, Blanca Caldas)
Curriculum Wisdom and Educational Leadership (Daniel J. Castner, Jennifer L. Schneider, James G. Henderson)
Education and Corruption (Amra Sabic-El-Rayess, Stephen P. Heyneman)
From Curriculum Theory to Theorizing (Gabriel Huddleston, Robert Helfenbein)
Inclusion and Migration (Oakleigh Welply)
Integrative Curriculum (James A. Beane)
Islamic Curriculum (Tahraoui Ramdane, Souad Merah)
Learning from Alternative Schools to Enhance School Completion (Kitty te Riele, Glenda McGregor, Martin Mills, Aspa Baroutsis, Debra Hayes)
Preparing the Dutch Educational System for the Future (Klaas van Veen, Jasmijn Bloemert, Fenna Wolthuis)
Quality and Evaluation in Finnish Schools (Jaakko Kauko, Janne Varjo, Hannele Pitkänen)
Relations, Aliveness, Love: Curriculum in the Spirit of the Earth (Jodi Latremouille, Lesley Tait, David W. Jardine)
Revolutionary Critical Rage Pedagogy (Peter McLaren, Petar Jandrić)
School Reform in England (Amanda Nuttall, Edward Podesta)

November 2020

Alternative Conceptions of Adolescence as a Basis for Curriculum (Nancy Lesko, Jacqueline Simmons, Jamie Uva)
Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada (Lisa Johnston, Leah Shoemaker, Nicole Land, Aurelia Di Santo, Susan Jagger)
Educational Reforms in Kenya (Martin Mwongela Kavua)
Global School Funding Debates and Reforms (Elisa Di Gregorio, Glenn C. Savage)
Ideology and Education (David Backer)
Inquiry-Based Curriculum in Early Childhood Education (Fikile Nxumalo, Lisa-Marie Gagliardi, Hye Ryung Won)
Language Policy and Reform in the Indian School System (Rupanjali Karthik, George W. Noblit)
Religious and Cultural Diversity in Spanish Education (Sergio Andrés Cabello, Joaquín Giró Miranda)
Social and Emotional Learning in the Physical Education Curriculum (Paul M. Wright, Barrie Gordon, Shirley Gray)

October 2020

Critical Thinking (Derek Allen, Sharon Bailin, Mark Battersby, James B. Freeman)
Curriculum for Liberation in the Neoliberal Era (Noah De Lissovoy, Alex J. Armonda)
Effective Strategies for Improving Reading Comprehension (Meenakshi Gajria, Athena Lentini McAlenney)
Gender and Bullying (Elizabeth J. Meyer)
Indigenous Education in Canada (Jo-ann Archibald – Q’um Q’um Xiiem)
Intellectual Styles (Li-fang Zhang, Robert J. Sternberg)
New Approaches to Designing and Administering Inclusive Assessments (Meagan Karvonen, Neal M. Kingston, Michael L. Wehmeyer, W. Jake Thompson)
Philosophical Tenets of Action Research in Education (Luis Sebastián Villacañas de Castro, Darío Luis Banegas)
Popular Media and Youth Resistances (Amber Moore, Elizabeth Marshall)
Purposes of Arts Education (Rebecca Heaton, Richard Hickman)
Queer and Trans Youth Organizing (Julia Sinclair-Palm)
Remote and Rural Education in Australia and the Pacific (Stephen Crump, Kylie Twyford, Theresa Koroivulaono)
Rural Education in China (Liang Du, Huimeng Li, Weijian Wang)
Sex Segregated Schools to Challenge Gender and Racial Bias (Kathryn Herr, Kathleen Grant, Jeremy Price)
Students with Special Needs Who Are Gifted and Talented (Twice Exceptional) (Nina Yssel, Kristie Speirs Neumeister, Virginia Burney)
Teacher-Principal Trust (Ismail Hussein Amzat)
Teaching Learners with Vision Impairment: An Analysis of Evidence-Based Practice (Mike McLinden, Graeme Douglas, Rachel Hewett, Paul Lynch, Jane Thistlethwaite)
Trans Gender/Queer Youth (Alandis A. Johnson)
Urban Teaching and Black Girls' Pedagogies (Menah Pratt-Clarke, Andrea N. Baldwin, Letisha Engracia Cardoso Brown)

September 2020

Effective Practices for Helping Students Transition to Work (Michael Shevlin, John Kubiak, Mary-Ann O'Donovan, Marie Devitt, Barbara Ringwood, Des Aston, Conor McGuckin)
Effective Practices for Helping Students with Neurodiversity Transition to Independent Living (Ngonidzashe Mpofu, Elias M. Machina, Helen Dunbar-Krige, Elias Mpofu, Timothy Tansey)
Human Flourishing as an Aim of Education (Doret de Ruyter, Lynne Wolbert)
Inclusive Education in Central America and the Caribbean (Marta Caballeros, Jeannette Bran, Gabriela Castro)
Inclusive Societies (Zana Marie Lutfiyya, Nadine A. Bartlett)
Professional Development for Inclusive Education (Dries Vansteenkiste, Estelle Swart, Piet Van Avermaet, Elke Struyf)
Teacher Activism in the U.S. (Kurt Stemhagen, Tamara Sober)
Water Conservation in Schools (Olga María Bermúdez, Marcela Lombana)

August 2020

Aesthetics and Education (Jessica A. Heybach)
Bilingualism and Biliteracy (Penelope Collins, Tien Thuy Ho)
Diversity and Inclusion and Special Education (Chris Forlin, Dianne Chambers)
Dual Certification Programs (Linda P. Blanton, Marleen C. Pugach)
Effective Practices for Teaching Content Area Reading (Elizabeth A. Stevens, Sharon Vaughn)
Effective Practices for Teaching Self-Determination (Dalun Zhang, Yi-Fan Li, Melina Cavazos)
Effective Practices for Teaching Social Skills (Timothy J. Lewis, Courtney Jorgenson, Jessica Simpson, Trisha Guffey)
Effective Self-Management Strategies (Lisa A. Rafferty, Kristie Asaro-Saddler)
Financing Mechanisms to Support Inclusive Practice (Serge Ebersold, Edda Óskarsdóttir, Amanda Watkins)
Gender Equitable Education and Technological Innovation (Jennifer Jenson, Suzanne de Castell)
Gifted Girls and Women (Barbara A. Kerr, Robyn N. Malmsten)
High Leverage Practices in Elementary Inclusive Education (Lawrence J. Maheady, Angela L. Patti)
Inclusion and Pacific Island Countries (Ann Cheryl Armstrong, Derrick Armstrong)
Inclusive Education and the Progressive Inclusionists (Christopher Boyle, Joanna Anderson)
Models of School-Family Relations (Cristina Santamaría Graff, Brandon Sherman)
Preparing Teaching Assistants for Including all Learners (Rob Webster, Paula Bosanquet, Peter Blatchford)
Problem-Based Learning (Sofie M. M. Loyens, Lisette Wijnia, Ivette Van der Sluijs - Duker, Remy M. J. P. Rikers)
Response to Intervention (Evelyn S. Johnson)
School-Based Family Counseling (Brian A. Gerrard, Gertina J. van Schalkwyk)
School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (Steve Goodman, Heather Peshak George)
Teacher Evaluation (Nurahimah Mohd Yusoff, David Jimoh Kayode)
The Big Five Personality Trait Factors (Boele De Raad, Boris Mlačić)
The Four Pillars of Philosophy in Higher Education (Søren S.E. Bengtsen, Ronald Barnett)
The Matter of ‘Evidence’ in the Inclusive Education Debate (Christopher Boyle, George Koutsouris, Anna Salla Mateu, Joanna Anderson)

July 2020

Action Research as Continuous Professional Development in Southeast Asia (Sarimah Shaik-Abdullah, S. Kanageswari Suppiah Shanmugam, Mohan Chinappan)
Animal Rights Education (Kai Horsthemke)
Black Girls and Mathematics Learning (Crystal Morton, Danielle Tate McMillan, Winterbourne Harrison-Jones)
Cognitive Early Education (H. Carl Haywood)
Data Use in Recent School Reforms (Sølvi Mausethagen, Tine Prøitz, Guri Skedsmo)
Data-based Decision Making (Mark Carter, Jennifer Stephenson, Sarah Carlon)
Decolonization of Environmental Education from the Perspective of Southern Environmental Thinking (Ana Patricia Noguera de Echeverri, Diana Alexandra Bernal Arias, Sergio Manuel Echeverri Noguera)
Educational Innovation in Higher Education (Mugenyi Justice Kintu, Aslan Aydin, Chang Zhu)
Linking Responsible Leadership and Sustainability Challenges (Sulaman Hafeez Siddiqui, Kuperan Viswanathan, Rabia Rasheed)
Mentoring Across Teacher Career Stages (Beverly J. Irby, Nahed Abdelrahman, Rafael Lara-Alecio)
Parental Involvement (Barbara Otto, Julia Karbach)
Parties in Privatizing American Public Education (Leslie S. Kaplan, William A. Owings)
Postwar School Reforms in Norway (Harald Thuen, Nina Volckmar)
Public Pedagogy Theories, Methodologies, and Ethics (Michael P. O'Malley, Jennifer A. Sandlin, Jake Burdick)
Reasoning Abilities (Patrick C. Kyllonen)
School Climate and Its Impact on School Development in Nigeria (Habibat Abubakar Yusuf, Ismail Hussein Amzat)
Service Learning and Teacher Education (Nadine Petersen, Sarah Gravett, Sarita Ramsaroop)
The Maker Movement in Education (Abigail Konopasky, Kimberly Sheridan)

June 2020

Aesthetics of Leadership (Fenwick W. English, Rosemary Papa)
Assessment for Learning and Self-Regulation (John R. Kirby, Stefan Merchant)
Attribution Theories (Sandra Graham, Xiaochen Chen)
Autism, Neurodiversity, and Inclusive Education (Sara M. Acevedo, Emily A. Nusbaum)
Comparison in Qualitative Research (Lesley Bartlett, Frances Vavrus)
Creating Engaging Classrooms for All Learners (Diane Myers, Brandi Simonsen, George Sugai)
Culturally Proficient Leadership (Randall B. Lindsey, Delores B. Lindsey, Raymond D. Terrell)
Defense Mechanisms (Phebe Cramer)
Education Policy in Turkey (Arnd-Michael Nohl, Nazli Somel)
Educational Attainment and Integration of Foreign Students in Spain (Sergio Andres Cabello, Joaquín Giró Miranda)
Enabling School Structure (Roxanne M. Mitchell)
Gender and Technology in Education (Heather Greenhalgh-Spencer)
Global Research on Principal Leadership (David Gurr, Lawrie Drysdale, Helen Goode)
Inclusive and Special Education in the Middle East (Hala Elhoweris, Efthymia Efthymiou)
Leadership Practices and Managerial Accountability in Italy (Angelo Paletta, Christopher Bezzina, Genc Alimehmeti)
Learning in History (Liliana Maggioni, Emily Fox)
Organizational Theory and Culture in Education (Norazlinda Saad, Paramjit Kaur)
Place-Based Leadership (Noelle W. Arnold)
Practicing Care and Compassion (William H. Schubert, Ming Fang He)
Sustainability in Technical and Vocational Education (Lisiane Celia Palma, Marcelo Trevisan, Nathália Rigui Trindade)
Teacher Education and Its Effects on Teaching and Learning (Annemarie Palincsar, Gabriel DellaVecchia, Kathleen M. Easley)

May 2020

Academic Coping (Ellen Skinner, Emily Saxton)
Action Research (Eileen S. Johnson)
Assessing Potential for Learning in School Children (Wilma C. M. Resing, Julian G. Elliott, Bart Vogelaar)
Climate Change and Social Resilience (Edgar J. González-Gaudiano, Ana Lucía Maldonado-González)
Cognitive Regulation (Dale H. Schunk, Maria K. DiBenedetto)
Collective Efficacy and Teacher Collective Efficacy (Khaliza Saidin, Aizan Yaacob, Nurul Shahidah Ahmad Nasir)
Conceptual Change (Lucia Mason)
Distributed Leadership (Howard Youngs)
Dynamics of Decision Making (JoAnn Danelo Barbour)
Earth Education (Bruce Johnson, Constantinos Manoli)
Educational Leaders Without Borders (Rosemary Papa, Fenwick W. English)
Educational Management (Richard Lynch, Poonpilas Asavisanu, Kanog-on Rungrojngarmcharoen, Yan Ye)
Ethical Decision Making in Schools (Özgür Önen, Burcu Tibet)
Globally Minded Leaders (John M. Heffron, Rosemary Papa)
Inclusive and Special Education in Australia (Michael Arthur-Kelly, Phil Foreman)
Leadership for School Desegregation (Randall B. Lindsey, Delores B. Lindsey, Raymond D. Terrell)
Marginalized Knowledges (Alberto Arenas, Rebecca Perez)
Psychoeducation (Jacqueline A. Brown, Samantha Russell, Emily Hattouni, Ashlyn Kincaid)
School Accountability (Esther Dominique Klein)
School Boards (Michael Ford)
School Choice and Educational Pluralism (Giuseppe Bertagna, Francesco Magni)
School Climate and Academic Performance (Siti Noor Ismail, Faizahani Abd. Rahman, Aizan Yaacob)
Teacher Self-Efficacy (Rebecca Lazarides, Lisa Marie Warner)
Technology Proficiency in Teaching and Facilitating (Norazlinda Saad, Surendran Sankaran)
Theories of Educational Leadership (Gabriele Lakomski, Colin W. Evers)
Transformative Leadership (Carolyn M. Shields)
Trust in Principals (Merve Zayim-Kurtay)
Working Memory: Models and Applications (Stoo Sepp, Steven J. Howard, Sharon Tindall-Ford, Shirley Agostinho, Fred Paas)

April 2020

Creativity (Dimitrios Zbainos, Todd Lubart)
Democratic Leadership (Philip A. Woods)
Educational Leadership and Job Satisfaction (Raimonda Alonderiene, Margarita Pilkiene)
Ethical Literacy Education (Jessica Zacher Pandya, Maren Aukerman)
Family Engagement and Educational Leadership (Serkan Koşar, Didem Koşar, Kadir Beycioğlu)
Labeling and Inclusive Education (Fraser Lauchlan, Christopher Boyle)
Land Education (Austin R. Cruz)
Multiple Document Comprehension (M. Anne Britt, Jean Rouet)
Online Learning (Lisa Marie Blaschke, Svenja Bedenlier)
Organizational Trust in Schools (Megan Tschannen-Moran)
Postdevelopmental Conceptions of Child and Childhood in Education (Karin Murris, Kaitlin Smalley, Bridget Allan)
Social Media and School Leadership Efficiency (Byabazaire Yusuf, Lynne M. Walters, Abdul Halim Mohamed)
Teacher Commitment to Teaching (Hasan Hariri, Bambang Sumintono)
Accountability of Assessment Administration (Arsaythamby Veloo, Ruzlan Md-Ali, Rozalina Khalid)
Applied Linguistics and Education (Margaret Kettle, Susy Macqueen)
Classroom Discussions (P. Karen Murphy, Carla M. Firetto, Gwendolyn M. Lloyd, Liwei Wei, Sara E. Baszczewski)
Environmental Education Teacher Training (Miguel Ángel Arias Ortega)
Gender and Math Development (Julianne Herts, Susan C. Levine)
Leadership and Teacher Education in Oman (Sulaiman M. Al-Balushi, Mahmoud M. Emam, Khalaf M. Al'Abri)
School Leadership Preparation and Development in England (Philip A. Woods, Joy Jarvis, Amanda Roberts, Suzanne Culshaw)

February 2020

Cognitive Science and Educational Administration (Colin W. Evers, Gabriele Lakomski)
Educational Change (Yasar Kondakci)
Exceptional Learners (Daniel P. Hallahan, Paige C. Pullen, James M. Kauffman, Jeanmarie Badar)
Leading Through Conflict With Credibility (Thomas R. Hughes, Frank D. Davidson)
Learning Strategies That Help Students SOAR to Success (Kenneth A. Kiewra, Linlin Luo, Tiphaine Colliot, Junrong Lu)
Moral Dimensions of Leadership (Frank D. Davidson, Thomas R. Hughes)
Peer Effects in Education (Jonathan Pratschke, Giovanni Abbiati)
Preparation Programs for School Leaders (Bruce G. Barnett, Nathern S.A. Okilwa)
Questioning Nature and Environmental Ethics in Schools (Jorge Moreira, Fátima Alves, Ana Mendonça)
Social Justice Leadership, Equity, and the Digital Divide (Anthony H. Normore, Antonia Issa Lahera)

January 2020

Coaching Young Academics in Malaysia (Raja Maznah Raja Hussain)
Embodied Cognition (Sheila L. Macrine, Jennifer M.B. Fugate)
Key Mathematical Competencies from Arithmetic to Algebra (Kristie J. Newton, Christina A. Barbieri, Julie L. Booth)
Leadership and Supervision (Sally J. Zepeda, Ahmed M. Alkaabi, Mark D. Tavernier)
Politics, Power, and Social Hegemony (William Kyle Ingle, Lora Cohen-Vogel)
Reading Comprehension (Reese Butterfuss, Jasmine Kim, Panayiota Kendeou)
School Networks (Denise Mifsud)

December 2019

Adult Learners (Mark Tennant)
Conceptions of Giftedness and Gifted Students (Tracy L. Cross, Jennifer Riedl Cross)
Intelligence (Robert J. Sternberg)
Mental Toughness in Education (Helen St. Clair-Thompson, Sarah Mcgeown)

November 2019

At-Risk Students (Gary Natriello)
Emotions in Social-Historical Educational Contexts (Paul A. Schutz, Sharon L. Nichols, Sofia Bahena)
Motivation and Engagement in Learning (Rebecca J. Collie, Andrew J. Martin)
Writing (Danielle S. McNamara, Laura K. Allen)

October 2019

Problem Solving (Richard E. Mayer)

September 2019

A Critique of Neoliberalism in Higher Education (Gerardo del Cerro Santamaría)
Critical Media Literacy in Teacher Education, Theory, and Practice (Jeff Share, Tatevik Mamikonyan, Eduardo Lopez)
Interviewing Elites in the Educational Field (Maria Luísa Quaresma, Cristóbal Villalobos)
Listening to Students in Schools (Marilene Proença Rebello de Souza, Silvia Helena Vieira Cruz)
Metalinguistic Transfer (Guofang Li, Zhuo Sun, Haoyun Li)
Navigating Kaupapa Māori Fields of Knowledge (Angus Macfarlane, Sonja Macfarlane, Toby Curtis)
Performance-Based Ethnography (Durell M. Callier, Dominique C. Hill)
Postcritical Ethnography (Allison Daniel Anders)
Qualitative Research on Educational Technology in Latin America (Vani Moreira Kenski, Gilberto Lacerda Santos)

August 2019

Archives and Qualitative Research in Education (from Foucault and Bourdieu's approaches) (Dora Marín-Diaz, Flávia Schilling, Julio Groppa Aquino)
Biographical Approaches in Education in Germany (Bettina Dausien, Peter Alheit)
Drama and Learning (Anton Franks)
Participatory Action Research in Education (Anne Galletta, María Elena Torre)
Poetic Approaches to Qualitative Data Analysis (Qiana M. Cutts, M. Billye Sankofa Waters)
Teacher Education and Inclusivity (Sarah L. Alvarado, Sarah M. Salinas, Alfredo J. Artiles)
The Status of Teachers (Linda Hargreaves, Julia Flutter)
Vygotsky’s Theoretical and Conceptual Contributions to Qualitative Research in Education (Ana Luíza Smolka, Ana Lucia Horta Nogueira, Débora Dainez, Adriana Lia Friszman de Laplane)
Well-being and the Preparation of Teachers (Josep Gustems-Carnicer, Caterina Calderon)

July 2019

Actor-Network Theory (Annelies Kamp)
Agency in Teacher Education (Ryan Flessner, Brooke Kandel-Cisco)
Art-Informed Pedagogies in the Preparation of Teachers (Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor, Lynn Sanders-Bustle)
Blended Learning in Teacher Education (Harrison Hao Yang, Jason MacLeod)
Bourdieu and Education (Michael Grenfell)
Complexity Theory as a Guide to Qualitative Methodology in Teacher Education (Fiona Ell, Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Mary Hill, Mavis Haigh, Lexie Grudnoff, Larry Ludlow)
Education and Activism (Lorri Beckett, Amanda Nuttall)
Educational Qualitative Research in Colombia (Paula Andrea Echeverri-Sucerquia, Carlos Tobon)
Epistemology and Interviews (Kathryn Roulston)
Ethnographic Inquiry in Teacher Education (José Ignacio Rivas-Flores)
John Dewey and Teacher Education (Margaret Schmidt, Randall Everett Allsup)
Postcolonial Theory in Teacher Education (Radhika Viruru, Julia C. Persky)
Relational Materialism (Linnea Bodén, Hillevi Lenz Taguchi, Emilie Moberg, Carol A. Taylor)
Reviews of Teachers’ Beliefs (Helenrose Fives, Nicole Barnes, Candice Chiavola, Kit SaizdeLaMora, Erika Oliveros, Sirine Mabrouk-Hattab)
School Ethnography (Jennifer Bethune, Jen Gilbert)
Social Cartography in Educational Research (Rene Suša, Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti)
Sociocultural Perspectives in Science Education (Sara Tolbert, Paulina Grino, Tenzin Sonam)
Systemic Functional Linguistics in Teacher Education (Luciana C. de Oliveira, Sharon L. Smith)
Teacher Education in Russia (Roza Valeeva, Aydar Kalimullin)
Teacher Quality in Singapore (Sylvia Chong, Saravanan Gopinathan)
Teacher Research in Teacher Education (Lisa Kervin, Barbara Comber)
The Role of Mentoring in Teacher Education (Nicole Hayes, Bruce Pridham)
The Status of Teachers (Linda Hargreaves, Julia Flutter)
Translanguaging in Educating Teachers of Language-Minoritized Students (Carla España, Luz Yadira Herrera, Ofelia García)

June 2019

A/r/tography (Natalie LeBlanc, Rita L. Irwin)
Collaboration in Educational Ethnography in Latin America (Diana Milstein, Angeles Clemente, Alba Lucy Guerrero)
Conceptions and Models of Teacher Education (Maureen Robinson, Rada Jancic Mogliacci)
Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Teacher Education (Conra Gist, Iesha Jackson, Bianca Nightengale-Lee, Keisha Allen)
Intercultural Arts (Pamela Burnard)
Learner Engagement in Teacher Education (Kay K. Seo, Scott Gibbons)
Simulation as a Strategy in Teacher Education (David Kaufman, Alice Ireland)
Teacher Training for the Transformation of Schools and Communities (Etta Hollins, Jamine Pozú Franco, Liliana Muñoz Guevara)

May 2019

Academic Optimism (Martinette V. Horner, Derrick D. Jordan, Kathleen M. Brown)
Disruptive Classroom Technologies (Anthony J. "Sonny" Magana III)
Emotion and Teacher Education (Alberto Bellocchi)
Preparing Pre-service Teachers for Rural Schools (Amy Price Azano, Jayne Downey, Devon Brenner)
STEM Education (Stephen M. Ritchie)
Teacher Education and Refugee Students (Kevin Roxas, Ramona Fruja)
Teacher Education in Finland and Future Directions (Mirjamaija Mikkilä-Erdmann, Anu Warinowski, Tuike Iiskala)
Teacher Education in México (Edmund T. Hamann, Juan Sánchez García, Yara Amparo López López)
Teacher Identity Research and Development (Zoe Martínez-de-la-Hidalga, Lourdes Villardón-Gallego)
Trauma-Informed Practice for Pre-service Teachers (Carmel Hobbs, Dane Paulsen, Jeff Thomas)

April 2019

Classroom Ethics (Hugh Sockett)
Creativity and Dance Education Research (Kerry Chappell, Charlotte Hathaway)
Teacher Education for Bi/Multilingual Students (Maria Estela Brisk, Yalda M. Kaveh)
Use of Qualitative Methods in Evaluation Studies (Namita Ranganathan, Toolika Wadhwa)

March 2019

A Critical Review of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) (Laura Colucci-Gray, Pamela Burnard, Donald Gray, Carolyn Cooke)
Comparative Case Study Research (Lesley Bartlett, Frances Vavrus)
Complexity Theory and Teacher Education (Susan D. Martin, Vicki McQuitty, Denise N. Morgan)
Cosmopolitanism and Education (Amy Stornaiuolo, T. Philip Nichols)
Creative Writers as Arts Educators (Teresa Cremin, Debra Myhill)
Dialogic Education (Rupert Wegerif)
Ethnographies of development in SADC countries (Maropeng Modiba, Sandra Stewart)
Music Education Research (Koji Matsunobu, Liora Bresler)
Practice-Based Teacher Education (Mary Hauser, Sarah Schneider Kavanagh)
Real-Time Coaching for Pre-Service Teachers (Erica Sharplin, Garth Stahl, Ben Kehrwald)
The Artist-Teacher (Esther Sayers)

February 2019

Arts-Based Research (Janinka Greenwood)
History of the National Writing Project (Anne Elrod Whitney, Yamil Sarraga-Lopez)
Teacher Education in Singapore (Jason Loh, Guangwei Hu)

January 2019

Arts and Peacebuilding (Mary Ann Hunter, Cynthia E. Cohen)

November 2018

Multiliteracies in Malaysia (Fariza Puteh-Behak, Noor Saazai Mat Saad, Mohd Muzhafar Idrus)

October 2018

Educational Biopolitics (Gregory Bourassa)
Urban Charter Schools (Manya Whitaker)

September 2018

A Critical Review of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) (Laura Colucci-Gray, Pamela Burnard, Donald Gray, Carolyn Cooke), summary
Accountability (Esther Dominique Klein), summary
Accountability in Assessment Administration (Arsaythamby Veloo, Ruzlan Md-Ali), summary
Action Research as Continuous Professional Development in Southeast Asia (Sarimah binti Shaik-Abdullah, S. Kanageswari Suppiah Shanmugam, Mohan Chinappan), summary
Assessing Potential for Learning in School Children (Wilma C. M. Resing, Julian G. Elliott, Bart Vogelaar), summary
Cognitive Regulation (Dale H. Schunk), summary
Community-Engaged Teacher Preparation (Eva Zygmunt, Kristin Cipollone, Patricia Clark, Susan Tancock)
Developing and Supporting Educational Leaders for Successful Community Partnerships (Carlos Azcoitia, Karen Carlson, Ted Purinton), summary
Disruptive Classroom Technologies (Anthony J. "Sonny" Magana III), summary
Education and Media Discourses (Nicole Mockler), summary
Effective Practices for Teaching Content Area Reading (Elizabeth A. Stevens, Sharon Vaughn), summary
Epistemology and Teacher Education (Matthew Smith), summary
Ethnic Minority Education in China (Mei Wu, MaryJo Benton Lee, Forrest W. Parkay, Paul Pitre), summary
Ethnography Across Borders (Marta Sánchez), summary
Family Engagement and Educational Leadership (Serkan Koşar, Didem Koşar, Kadir Beycioglu), summary
Gender and the Superintendency (Susan Katz), summary
Hierarchical Organizational Structure and leadership (Anna Saiti, Theodoros Stefou), summary
Home Schooling and Home Education (Kalwant Bhopal, Martin Myers), summary
Inclusive and Special Education Services in Rural Settings (Jayanthi Narayan, Nibedita Patnaik), summary
Inclusive School Reform in Swaziland (Cebsile Nxumalo), summary
Indigenous Teacher Education in Canada and Aotearoa New Zealand (Celia Haig-Brown, Te Kawehau Hoskins), summary
Leadership Coaching (Donald Wise), summary
Learning Strategies Instruction (Mary Grosser), summary
Literacy and Identities (Christopher J. Wagner), summary
Mental Toughness (Helen St. Clair-Thompson, Sarah Mcgeown), summary
Mindfulness and ‘Educational New Ageism’ (Marina Schwimmer, Kevin McDonough)
Optimism, Pessimism, and Realism in Educational Leadership (Sefika Mertkan, Ciaran Sugrue), summary
Organizational Theory and Culture (Norazlinda Saad, Paramjit Kaur), summary
Practice-Focused Research in Initial Teacher Education (Jane Abbiss, Eline Vanassche), summary
Queer Pedagogy (Matthew Thomas-Reid)
Teacher-Principal Trust and their Relationships (Ismail Hussein Amzat), summary
Technology Proficiency in Teaching and Facilitating (Surendran Sankaran, Norazlinda Saad), summary
Transformational Leadership and Change in Education (David Litz, Rida Blaik-Hourani), summary
Transnationalism and Education (G. Sue Kasun, Patricia Sánchez), summary
Vygotskian Theory of Development (Yuriy Karpov), summary
Writing Educational Ethnography (Sara Delamont), summary

August 2018

Intuition and Education (Emily Sadowski)

July 2018

June 2018

Biographical Approaches in Education (Belmira Oliveira Bueno)
Teacher Education and the Global Impact of Teach For All (Katie Crawford-Garrett, Matthew Thomas)
Writing and Managing Multimodal Field Notes (Fernando Hernández-Hernández, Juana M. Sancho-Gil)

May 2018

Arts Education Research (Benjamin Jörissen, Leopold Klepacki, Ernst Wagner)
Autonomy and Education (Peter Nelson)
Queer Studies in Education (Jennifer C. Ingrey)

April 2018

Achievement Motivation in Education (Judith Meece, Charlotte Agger)
Creativity in Education (Anne Harris, Leon De Bruin)
Indigenous School Education in Brazil (Roseli R. Mello, Marcondy M. de Sousa, Thaís J. Palomino)

February 2018

Digital Literacies in Early Childhood (Fiona Scott, Jackie Marsh)
Garden-Based Education (Dilafruz Williams)
State Initiatives on Globalizing Higher Education in Japan (Satoshi P. Watanabe, Machi Sato, Masataka Murasawa)

January 2018

Ecofeminism and Education (Jennifer Hatten-Flisher, Rebecca A. Martusewicz)
Indigenous Education and Decolonization (Yvonne Poitras Pratt, Dustin W. Louie, Aubrey Jean Hanson, Jacqueline Ottmann)
School Culture (Diana Gonçalves Vidal, André Paulilo)
Youth and Media Culture (Stuart R. Poyntz, Jennesia Pedri)

December 2017

Adult Education, Community, and Learning for Democracy in Scotland (Jim Crowther, Aileen Ackland, Margaret Petrie, David Wallace)
Commercialization in Education (Anna Hogan, Greg Thompson)
Earth Ethics for Education (Clarence W. Joldersma)
Ethnography and Education (Alpesh Maisuria, Dennis Beach)
Moral and Character Education (David Ian Walker, Stephen J. Thoma)
Multimodal Literacy (Kathy A. Mills, Len Unsworth)
School Ethnography in Chile (Paulina Contreras, Eduardo Santa Cruz G., Jenny Assaél, Andrea Valdivia)
Teacher Education in Australia (Diane Mayer, Wayne Cotton, Alyson Simpson)
Traditions, Research, and Practice Supporting Academically Productive Classroom Discourse (Jie Park, Sarah Michaels, Renee Affolter, Catherine O'Connor)
Translanguaging (Sara Vogel, Ofelia Garcia)
Trust in Education (Megan Tschannen-Moran)

November 2017

October 2017

Curriculum and Place (William M. Reynolds)
Family and Home Literacy Across Time (Catherine Compton-Lilly)
Spirituality and Education in the United States (Roland W. Mitchell, Nicholas E. Mitchell, Chaunda A. Mitchell)

September 2017

Authenticity in Education (Lauren Bialystok)
Core Reflection Approach in Teacher Education (Fred A.J. Korthagen, Ellen E. Nuijten)
Jan Amos Comenius (Stephen Tomlinson)
Social Geography, Space, and Place in Education (Aspa Baroutsis, Barbara Comber, Annette Woods)
Teacher Unions (John McCollow)

August 2017

July 2017

Accountabilities in Schools and School Systems (Bob Lingard, Sam Sellar, Steven Lewis)
Alternative Education (Martin Mills, Glenda McGregor)
Creativity in Education (Anne Harris, Leon De Bruin), summary
Gender, Justice, and Equity in Education (Elisabet Öhrn, Gaby Weiner)
Intuition and Education (Emily Sadowski), summary
Liberalism in Education (Winston C. Thompson)
Place-Based Education (Gregory A. Smith)
Research on Racism in Teacher Education in the United States (Vanessa Dodo Seriki, Cory T. Brown), summary
Social Inclusion (John Smyth)
Structural Reforms and Equity in Chilean Schools (Juan Pablo Valenzuela, Carmen Montecinos)
Teacher Education for Bi/Multilingual Students (Maria Estela Brisk, Yalda M. Kaveh), summary

June 2017

The World Bank and Educational Assistance (D. Brent Edwards Jr., Inga Storen)

May 2017

Common Core Standards (U.S.) (Patrick Shannon), summary
Dynamics in Education Politics and the Finnish PISA Miracle (Hannu Simola, Jaakko Kauko, Janne Varjo, Mira Kalalahti, Fritjof Sahlström)
Indigenous Education and Decolonization (Yvonne Poitras Pratt, Dustin W. Louie, Aubrey Jean Hanson, Jacqueline Ottmann), summary
Teacher Education Research (Ian Menter), summary
Translanguaging (Sara Vogel, Ofelia Garcia), summary

April 2017

Citizenship and Ethics (Dianne Gereluk)
Longitudinal Study of Teachers (Clive Beck, Clare Kosnik, Elizabeth Rosales)
Progressivism (Daniel Tröhler)

March 2017

Autoethnography (Susanne Gannon)
Critical Literacy (Vivian Maria Vasquez)
Education and Peace (Taro Komatsu)
Education for Global Citizenship (Carlos Alberto Torres)
Elite and Private Education (Catherine Doherty, Megan Pozzi)
Elite Schools and 21st-Century Class Making (Jane Kenway, Diana Langmead)
In-Service Teacher Training for Inclusion (Chris Forlin, Kuen-Fung Sin)
Paulo Freire (Peter Roberts)
Teaching Self-Efficacy (David Morris)
Transitions, Justice, and Equity in Education in Finland (Kristiina Brunila, Elina Ikävalko, Tuuli Kurki, Ameera Masoud, Katariina Mertanen, Anna Mikkola, Kalle Mäkelä)

February 2017

School Climate (Ruth Berkowitz, Aidyn Iachini, Hadass Moore, Gordon Capp, Ronald Pitner, Ron Avi Astor, Rami Benbenishty)
School Violence (Gordon Capp, Hadass Moore, Ronald Pitner, Aidyn Iachini, Ruth Berkowitz, Ron Avi Astor, Rami Benbenishty)
Visual Literacy (Frank Serafini)

December 2016

Relational Pedagogy (Mary Jo Hinsdale)

November 2016

Alternative Education (Martin Mills, Glenda McGregor), summary
Confucianism and Education (Charlene Tan), summary
Deleuze Studies in Education (David R. Cole), summary
Development Assistance Projects for Developing Human Capital (I-Hsuan Cheng, Sheng-Ju Chan), summary
Moral and Character Education (Stephen Thoma, David Ian Walker), summary
Place-Based Education (Gregory A. Smith), summary
Postcolonialism and Education (Penny Enslin), summary
School Ethnography in Chile (Paulina Contreras), summary
Trust in Education (Megan Tschannen-Moran), summary

October 2016


August 2016

Area-based Responses to Educational Disadvantage (Kirstin Kerr, Alan Dyson), summary
Gender, Justice, and Equity in Education (Elisabet Ohrn, Gaby Weiner), summary
Music Education Research (Koji Matsunobu, Liora Bresler), summary
Non-Standardized Englishes (Patriann Smith), summary
Pedagogy for Inclusive Education (Tim Loreman), summary

July 2016

Longitudinal Studies of Teachers (Clive Beck, Clare Kosnik, Elizabeth Rosales), summary

June 2016

Critical Whiteness Studies (Barbara Applebaum)
Decolonial Philosophies of Education (Nassim Noroozi), summary
World-Systems Theorizing (Thomas Griffiths), summary

May 2016

Education and Peace (Taro Komatsu), summary
Education and the Essence of Technology (Glenn M. Hudak), summary

April 2016

Liberalism in Education (Winston C. Thompson) (summary)
School Culture (Diana Vidal) (summary)
Teachers as Conscientious Objectors (Doris Santoro) (summary)

March 2016

Elite and Private Education (Catherine Doherty) (summary)
Visual Literacy (Frank Serafini) (summary)

February 2016

Citizenship and Ethics (Dianne Gereluk) (summary)
Paulo Freire (Peter Roberts) (summary)

January 2016

Critical Race Theory (Paula Groves Price) (summary)
Discourses of Adolescence and Gender (Pamela J. Bettis, Nicole Ferry) (summary)
Schools as Reform Incubators (William T. Pink) (summary)

October 2015