The Oxford Encyclopedia of Race and Education

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Race and Education

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Race and Education is designed to provide researchers, students, and teachers access to research, theories, and historical and contemporary reviews of the complex and intersectional ways that race is enacted in educational practices around the world. Understanding race in education requires multiple voices and histories, as well as research that crosses geographic and conceptual boundaries. This Encyclopedia will seek contributors whose research in race and education provides clear, nuanced, and critical global perspectives in order to provide readers with authoritative and sophisticated treatment of this growing field. All of the articles appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education.

Editor in Chief

Paula Groves Price, North Carolina A&T State University

Associate Editors

Gretchen Generett, Duquesne University

Margarita Machado-Casas, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Joan Osa Oviawe, Grace Foundation for Education and Development

Tanya Samu, The University of Auckland



Adult Education for African Victims of Human Trafficking in Spain (Antonio Alfaro Fernández, Beatriz Villora Galindo)
Black Girls and Mathematics Learning (Crystal Morton, Danielle Tate McMillan, Winterbourne Harrison-Jones)
Black Women Superintendents (Sonya Douglass Horsford, Dessynie D. Edwards, Judy A. Alston)
Educational Attainment and Integration of Foreign Students in Spain (Sergio Andrés Cabello, Joaquín Giró Miranda)
History and Microhistories of Social Education in Spain (Victoria Pérez de Guzmán, Juan Trujillo-Herrera, Encarnación Bas-Peña)
Inclusive Intercultural Education in Multicultural Societies (Rocío Cárdenas-Rodríguez, Teresa Terrón-Caro)
Indigenous Education in Canada (Jo-ann Archibald – Q’um Q’um Xiiem)
Religious and Cultural Diversity in Spanish Education (Sergio Andrés Cabello, Joaquín Giró Miranda)