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April 2020

Creativity (Dimitrios Zbainos, Todd Lubart)
Democratic Leadership (Philip A. Woods)
Educational Leadership and Job Satisfaction (Raimonda Alonderiene, Margarita Pilkiene)
Ethical Literacy Education (Jessica Zacher Pandya, Maren Aukerman)
Family Engagement and Educational Leadership (Serkan Koşar, Didem Koşar, Kadir Beycioğlu)
Labeling and Inclusive Education (Fraser Lauchlan, Christopher Boyle)
Land Education (Austin R. Cruz)
Multiple Document Comprehension (M. Anne Britt, Jean Rouet)
Online Learning (Lisa Marie Blaschke, Svenja Bedenlier)
Organizational Trust in Schools (Megan Tschannen-Moran)
Postdevelopmental Conceptions of Child and Childhood in Education (Karin Murris, Kaitlin Smalley, Bridget Allan)
Social Media and School Leadership Efficiency (Byabazaire Yusuf, Lynne M. Walters, Abdul Halim Mohamed)
Teacher Commitment to Teaching (Hasan Hariri, Bambang Sumintono)

March 2020

Accountability of Assessment Administration (Arsaythamby Veloo, Ruzlan Md-Ali, Rozalina Khalid)
Applied Linguistics and Education (Margaret Kettle, Susy Macqueen)
Classroom Discussions (P. Karen Murphy, Carla M. Firetto, Gwendolyn M. Lloyd, Liwei Wei, Sara E. Baszczewski)
Environmental Education Teacher Training (Miguel Ángel Arias Ortega)
Gender and Math Development (Julianne Herts, Susan Levine)
Leadership and Teacher Education in Oman (Sulaiman M. Al-Balushi, Mahmoud M. Emam, Khalaf M. Al'Abri)
School Leadership Preparation and Development in England (Philip A. Woods, Joy Jarvis, Amanda Roberts, Suzanne Culshaw)

February 2020

Cognitive Science and Educational Administration (Colin W. Evers, Gabriele Lakomski)
Educational Change (Yasar Kondakci)
Exceptional Learners (Daniel P. Hallahan, Paige C. Pullen, James M. Kauffman, Jeanmarie Badar)
Leading Through Conflict With Credibility (Thomas R. Hughes, Frank D. Davidson)
Learning Strategies That Help Students SOAR to Success (Kenneth A. Kiewra, Linlin Luo, Tiphaine Colliot, Junrong Lu)
Moral Dimensions of Leadership (Frank D. Davidson, Thomas R. Hughes)
Peer Effects in Education (Jonathan Pratschke, Giovanni Abbiati)
Preparation Programs for School Leaders (Bruce G. Barnett, Nathern S.A. Okilwa)
Questioning Nature and Environmental Ethics in Schools (Jorge Moreira, Fátima Alves, Ana Mendonça)
Social Justice Leadership, Equity, and the Digital Divide (Anthony H. Normore, Antonia Issa Lahera)

January 2020

Coaching Young Academics in Malaysia (Raja Maznah Raja Hussain)
Embodied Cognition (Sheila L. Macrine, Jennifer M.B. Fugate)
Key Mathematical Competencies from Arithmetic to Algebra (Kristie J. Newton, Christina A. Barbieri, Julie L. Booth)
Leadership and Supervision (Sally J. Zepeda, Ahmed M. Alkaabi, Mark D. Tavernier)
Politics, Power, and Social Hegemony (William Kyle Ingle, Lora Cohen-Vogel)
Reading Comprehension (Reese Butterfuss, Jasmine Kim, Panayiota Kendeou)
School Networks (Denise Mifsud)

December 2019

Adult Learners (Mark Tennant)
Conceptions of Giftedness and Gifted Students (Tracy L. Cross, Jennifer Riedl Cross)
Intelligence (Robert J. Sternberg)
Mental Toughness in Education (Helen St. Clair-Thompson, Sarah Mcgeown)

November 2019

At-Risk Students (Gary Natriello)
Emotions in Social-Historical Educational Contexts (Paul A. Schutz, Sharon L. Nichols, Sofia Bahena)
Motivation and Engagement in Learning (Rebecca J. Collie, Andrew J. Martin)
Writing (Danielle S. McNamara, Laura K. Allen)

October 2019

Problem Solving (Richard E. Mayer)

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