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June 2021

Black Women Superintendents (Sonya Douglass Horsford, Dessynie D. Edwards, Judy A. Alston)
Gender and Education in Postcolonial Contexts (Barbara Crossouard, Máiréad Dunne)
Higher Education in Thailand (Sukanya Chaemchoy, Thunwita Sirivorapat Puthpongsiriporn, Gerald W. Fry)
Meritocracy (Nicholas C. Burbules)
Queer-Identifying Boys, the School Toilet, and Queerphobia (Ndumiso Daluxolo Ngidi, Nkonzo Mkhize, Brian Bongani Sibeko)
Sensuous Curriculum (Walter S. Gershon)
STEM and STEAM Education in Australian K-12 Schooling (Kimberley Pressick-Kilborn, Melissa Silk, Jane Martin)
The Zone of Proximal Development and Diversity (Alex Kostogriz, Nikolay Veresov)
Tolerance and Education (Elisabet Langmann)

May 2021

An Overview of Qualitative Inquiry in Curriculum Studies (Gabriel Huddleston, M. Francyne Huckaby)
Critical White Studies and Curriculum Theory (James C. Jupp, Pauli Badenhorst)
Curriculum Ideologies (Christopher B. Crowley)
Curriculum of Social Movements (William Ayers, Rick Ayers, Joel Westheimer)
Educational Policy and Curriculum Studies (Pamela J. Konkol, Peter C. Renn, Sophia Rodriguez)
Extremism, Values, and Education in Policy and Practice (Lynn Revell, Sally Elton-Chalcraft)
Moral Education and Technology (Paul Farber, Dini Metro-Roland)
Postmodernism in Education (Marek Tesar, Andrew Gibbons, Sonja Arndt, Nina Hood)
Praise in Education (Sofia Benson-Goldberg, Karen A. Erickson)
Queer Students in the Carceral State (Erica Meiners, Jessica Fuentes)
Schooling and Equity in Israel (Yariv Feniger, Yossi Shavit, Shir Caller)
The Judicialization of American Education (J.C. Blokhuis, Randall Curren)
Youth Studies (Johanna Wyn)

April 2021

Bilingual Education (Aria Razfar)
Diaspora Curriculum (Ming Fang He)
Gender and Latinx Pedagogy (Mirelsie Velazquez)
Grounding Indigenous Teacher Education through Red Praxis (Jeremy Garcia, Valerie Shirley, Sandy Grande)
Human Rights Education (A. Kayum Ahmed)
John Dewey and Curriculum Studies (Craig A. Cunningham)
Mathematics and School Reform in India (Farida Abdulla Khan, Charu Gupta)
Multiracial Curriculum Perspectives (Sonia Janis, Joy Howard)
Music as Curriculum (Robert Lake)
Play as Curriculum (Drew Chappell)

March 2021

“Night Wives” and the Education of Girls with Disabilities in Sierra Leone (Ibrahim Bangura, Janet Njelesani, Donald Njelesani)
Adolescent Literacies (Donna E. Alvermann, William Terrell Wright)
Aristotelian and Kantian Virtues and Education (Guðmundur Heiðar Frímannsson)
Curriculum History (Kelly P. Vaughan)
Curriculum Proposals (Edmund C. Short)
Imagination and Education (Moira von Wright)
Justice and Education (Christopher Martin)
LGBTIQ+ Teachers (Emily M. Gray)
LGBTQ Education Policy (Elizabethe Payne, Melissa Smith)
Literacy and Identities (Christopher J. Wagner)
Oral History Illustrated by the Case of Cyprus (Nicoletta (Niki) Christodoulou, Miranda Christou, Maria Hadjipavlou)
Postmodern Curriculum (Karen A. Krasny, Patrick Slattery)
Queer Pedagogical Theory (Matthew Thomas-Reid)

February 2021

A Critical Examination of Mathematics Curriculum Studies (Theodore Savich, Evan Marquise Taylor, Craig Willey)
Childhood and Curriculum (Julie C. Garlen)
Critical Perspectives on Curriculum and Pedagogy (Ganiva Reyes, Racheal Banda, Brian D. Schultz)
Cross-Cultural and Multicultural Narrative Inquiry (Candace Schlein, Elaine Chan, JoAnn Phillion)
Cultures of Curriculum (Pamela Bolotin Joseph)
Curriculum in a Third Space (Hongyu Wang, Jo Flory)
Cyberculture and Education in Latin America (Rocío Rueda Ortiz, Alejandro Uribe Zapata)
Disability Studies, Crip Theory, and Education (Rachel Hanebutt, Carlyn Mueller)
Gender and Education in Uganda (David Monk, Maria del Guadalupe Davidson, John C. Harris)
Gender and Technologies of Embodiment (Heather Greenhalgh-Spencer)
Intellectual Virtues in Higher Education (Ashley Floyd Kuntz, Rebecca M. Taylor)
Love of Wisdom (B. B. North)
Public Memory and Education in Recent Colombian History (Martha Cecilia Herrera, Carol Pertuz Bedoya)
Queer Theory and Heteronormativity (Page Valentine Regan, Elizabeth J. Meyer)
Relations, Aliveness, Love: Curriculum in the Spirit of the Earth (Jodi Latremouille, Lesley Tait, David W. Jardine)
Sex/Gender and Affect/Emotion (Barbara S. Stengel)
Testimonio in Education (Marcela Rodriguez-Campo)
The Curricular Insights of Ivan Illich (Dana L. Stuchul, Madhu Suri Prakash)
The Pattern of Upbringing (Hansjörg Hohr)
The Value of Play in Education (Einar Sundsdal, Maria Øksnes)

January 2021

Arts and Disability (Anna Hickey-Moody)
Queer Resilience (Adam Greteman)

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