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In China, the equalization of education quality is an important strategy for the development of national education. The study focuses on the analysis of the current situation and educational effects of the elite school group (ESG), which is a strategy for educational equity in Beijing. On the one hand, by the ESG data collected in Beijing and the descriptive statistical analysis, it is discovered the macro scale and system building of the ESG in Beijing; On the other hand, the impact of ESG mode on students’ academic performance from the empirical level is verified, and the internal education mechanism and the root cause is uncovered. In terms of problems and suggestions, corresponding policy recommendations and other extended thinking are suggested.


Ismail Hussein Amzat

Trust is the keystone to creating enduring relationships and interconnectedness among people. Trust also plays a pivotal role in human social and organizational interactions. Trust is needed for any organization to create good networks. It is an impetus for cressating relationships with employees, as well as for building healthy societies. To be trusted in an organization, a leader such as a school principal must possess integrity, truthfulness, and transparency. Therefore, when defining trust, the role of trust in schools and what a school principal must do to be trusted by teachers should be explored. It is worth knowing what a trusting principal does or means to a school and the impact on a school, teaching, and learning.