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Educating Teachers for High-Poverty Schools  

Bruce Burnett and Jo Lampert

Online publication date:
Mar 2019

Educational Qualitative Research in Colombia  

Paula Andrea Echeverri-Sucerquia and Carlos Tobon

Alternative Education  

Martin Mills and Glenda McGregor

Online publication date:
Jul 2017

Gender, Justice, and Equity in Education  

Elisabet Öhrn and Gaby Weiner

Online publication date:
Jul 2017

Social Geography, Space, and Place in Education  

Aspa Baroutsis, Barbara Comber, and Annette Woods

Online publication date:
Sep 2017

Multicultural Education in Japan  

Tomoko Tokunaga

Online publication date:
Dec 2017

Community-Engaged Teacher Preparation  

Eva Zygmunt, Kristin Cipollone, Patricia Clark, and Susan Tancock

Art-Informed Pedagogies in the Preparation of Teachers in the United States  

Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor and Lynn Sanders-Bustle

Online publication date:
Jul 2019

Critical Media Literacy in Teacher Education, Theory, and Practice  

Jeff Share, Tatevik Mamikonyan, and Eduardo Lopez

Online publication date:
Sep 2019