The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Environment and Human Health

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Environment and Human Health

Through a comprehensive set of articles, Environment and Human Health presents an account of our current understanding of the relationship between diverse aspects of the physical environment and human health and wellbeing. This project also traces the development of ideas about the environment in public health in response not only to scientific and medical advances but also a much wider set of ecosystem and other transitions impacting at the level of society and, now, globally. The project makes explicit the need to re-establish the health of the environment (both natural and manmade) at the heart of our efforts to truly maintain human health, wellbeing and equity in a complex and rapidly changing world. It provides a key resource for those seeking a contemporary perspective on issues which demand an urgent and informed response from all of society and from those who hold the levers to beneficial change. All of the articles appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Environmental Science. This section will continue to grow as the project expands.

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Environment and Human Health Concepts, Approaches, and Historical Perspectives

Environment and Human Health Emerging Issues

Real World Lessons about Human Health in the Environment

Environmental Exposure and Human Health Effects

Methods, Measurements and Models in Environment and Human Health