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Explore ORE of Environmental Science articles in progress, organized by subfield (note that articles may appear under more than one category). Projected publication dates are provided for articles in production. When available, linked titles will take you to an advance summary of the article.

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Agriculture and the Environment

Environment and Human Health

Risks for Occupational Health Hazards among Solid Waste Workers (Mehrad Bastani, Nurcin Celik, Danielle Coogan)

Environmental Economics

A Māori Approach to Environmental Economics: Te ao tūroa, te ao hurihuri, te ao mārama—the Old World, a Changing World, a World of Light (Matthew Rout, Shaun Awatere, Jason Paul Mika, John Reid, Matthew Roskruge), forthcoming Apr–Jun 2021
Input-Output Models Applied to Environmental Analysis (Joaquim J.M. Guilhoto), forthcoming Apr–Jun 2021
Operationalizing the Urban Water-Energy-Food Nexus in China and India (Daphne Gondhalekar, Hong-Ying Hu, Zhuo Chen, Shresth Tayal, Maksud Bekchanov, Johannes Sauer, Maria Vrachioli, Mohammed Al-Azzawi, Hannah Patalong, Hans-Dietrich Uhl, Martin Grambow, Jörg E. Drewes), forthcoming Apr–Jun 2021
Effects of meteorological and air pollutant factors on the deaths of COVID-19 in Chinese cities: A Spatial Panel Data Analysis (Faysal Mansouri, Zouheir Mighri), forthcoming Apr–Jun 2021
Economics and the Endangered Species Act (Joe Kerkvliet), forthcoming Apr–Jun 2021
Environmental Degradation: Estimating the Health Effects of Ambient PM2.5 Air Pollution in Developing Countries (Ernesto Sánchez-Triana, Bjorn Larsen, Santiago Enriquez, Andreia Costa Santos), forthcoming Apr–Jun 2021
The Economic and Health-Impacts of Inadequate Sanitation (Luis Andrés, George Joseph, Suneira Rana), forthcoming Apr–Jun 2021
Carbon Taxes (Jorge H. García, Thomas Sterner), forthcoming Apr–Jun 2021
Environmental Economics of Pollination (Antoine Champetier), forthcoming Apr–Jun 2021
Environmental Economic Instruments in Mexico (Marisol Rivera-Planter, Carlos Muñoz-Piña, Mariza Montes de Oca)
Economics of Renewable Energy: A Comparison of Electricity Production Costs Across Technologies (Govinda R. Timilsina, Kalim U. Shah), forthcoming Apr-Jun 2021

Environmental History

Quaternary Science (Kenneth Addison)

Environmental Issues and Problems

Framing Concepts in Environmental Science

Ecotourism (Giles Jackson, Megan Epler Wood)
Quaternary Science (Kenneth Addison)
Water Footprint (Maite M. Aldaya, M. Ramón Llamas, Arjen Y. Hoekstra)

Management and Planning

Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Runoff Control in China (Haifeng Jia, Dingkun Yin), forthcoming Jul–Sep 2021
Ecotourism (Giles Jackson, Megan Epler Wood)