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Agriculture and the Environment


Environment and Human Health

Risks for Occupational Health Hazards among Solid Waste Workers (Mehrad Bastani, Nurcin Celik, Danielle Coogan)

Environmental Economics

Environmental Economic Instruments in Mexico (Marisol Rivera-Planter, Carlos Muñoz-Piña, Mariza Montes de Oca)

Environmental History

Quaternary Science (Kenneth Addison)

Environmental Issues and Problems


Framing Concepts in Environmental Science

Quaternary Science (Kenneth Addison)
Water Footprint (Maite M. Aldaya, M. Ramón Llamas, Arjen Y. Hoekstra)

Management and Planning

US Water Policy and Planning with Respect to Climate Change (Caitlin Dyckman), forthcoming Oct–Dec 2022
Water Resources Planning Under (deep) Uncertainty (Riddhi Singh), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2023
Recreation Use Values for Water-Based Recreation (John Loomis, Lucas Bair), forthcoming Oct-Dec 2022