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April 2020

A Socio-Hydrological Perspective on the Economics of Water Resources Development and Management (Saket Pande, Mahendran Roobavannan, Jaya Kandasamy, Murugesu Sivapalan, Daniel Hombing, Haoyang Lyu, Luuk Rietveld)

February 2020

Ancient and Traditional Agriculture in South America: Tropical Lowlands (Glenn H. Shepard Jr., Eduardo Neves, Charles R. Clement, Helena Lima, Claide Moraes, Gilton Mendes dos Santos)
Housing, Indoor Air Pollution, and Health in High Income Countries (Richard Sharpe, Nicholas Osborne, Cheryl Paterson, Timothy Taylor, Lora Fleming, and George Morris)

January 2020

State of the Art of Contingent Valuation (Tim Haab, Lynne Lewis, John Whitehead)
The Economics of Marine Reserves (Venetia Alexa Hargreaves-Allen)

December 2019

Food Safety in a Global Economy: Policies and Concerns (Tomiko Yamaguchi, Shun-Nan Chiang)
The Forest Transition (Thomas Rudel)
The Qanat System of Iran and the Maghreb (Ahmad Abbasnejad, Behnam Abbasnejad)

October 2019

Food Waste and Biomass Recovery (Ng Wun Jern, Xiao Keke, Vinay Kumar, Pan Chaozhi, Poh Leong Soon)
Tomatoes: A Model Crop of Solanaceous Plants (Raheel Anwar, Tahira Fatima, Autar Mattoo)
Valuation of Wetlands Preservation (Alexandra Dehnhardt, Kati Häfner, Anna-Marie Blankenbach, Jürgen Meyerhoff)

August 2019

Crop Rotations, Fallowing, and their Environmental Benefits (Muhammad Farooq, Ahmad Nawaz, Faisal Nadeem)
Valuation of Biodiversity (Bartosz Bartkowski)


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