The Oxford Encyclopedia of Water Resources Management and Policy

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Water Resources Management and Policy

Water is used in a myriad of ways in a modern economy: as inputs for energy, agriculture, and manufacturing, and for human consumption. The movement of water through the hydrological cycle requires investments. Technological innovations have provided contingent solutions to these challenges in many local settings, but water demand continues to increase. Globally many people now live in water-stressed regions, and the numbers are projected to grow. The Encyclopedia of Water Resources Management and Policy will include a global editorial board overseeing sections on concepts (economic, social, political, legal, governmental), global conditions (patterns of use, climate change, water development paths), policy instruments (water supply augmentation, pricing, demand management, tools, game-theoretic approaches), and special topics (river restoration, watershed management, groundwater management, innovative projects, emerging issues). All of the articles appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Environmental Science.


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Dale Whittington, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Water Resources Management: Theoretical Constructs

Global Water Resources: Status Quo Conditions and the Dynamic Baseline

Planning Frameworks, Policy Instruments

Water Resources Management: Special Topics



A Socio-Hydrological Perspective on the Economics of Water Resources Development and Management (Saket Pande, Mahendran Roobavannan, Jaya Kandasamy, Murugesu Sivapalan, Daniel Hombing, Haoyang Lyu, Luuk Rietveld)
Decision-Making in a Water Crisis: Lessons from the Cape Town Drought for Urban Water Policy (Johanna Brühl, Leonard le Roux, Martine Visser, Gunnar Köhlin)
Desalination Technology and Advancement (P.S. Goh, A.F. Ismail, N. Hilal)
Hydropolitics (Mattia Grandi)
Optimal and Real-Time Control of Water Infrastructures (Ronald van Nooijen, Demetris Koutsoyiannis, Alla Kolechkina)
Stormwater Management and Roadways (Nigel Pickering, Somayeh Nassiri)
Sustainable Management of Groundwater (Stephen Foster, John Chilton)
Water Security (Claudia Sadoff, David Grey, Edoardo Borgomeo)