Past Updates

December 2021


November 2021

Debt and International Organizations (Pablo Nemiña, María Emilia Val)
Development Theory and the Global Aid Regime (Franklin Barr Lebo), revised
Global Indigenous Rights and Resistance (Nicholas D. Natividad, Pat Lauderdale), revised
Post-Hegemonic Regionalism (Pía Riggirozzi, Diana Tussie)

October 2021

The Irish Border (Milena Komarova, Katy Hayward)

September 2021

Comparative Regionalism (Emmanuel Balogun)

August 2021

Civil Wars and Displacement (Ayşe Betül Çelik)
International Order in Theory and Practice (Kyle M. Lascurettes, Michael Poznansky)

June 2021

Conflict and Nationalist Frames (Marie-Eve Desrosiers)
Quantitative Human Rights (Amanda M. Murdie, K. Anne Watson)

May 2021

Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Migration in China, Korea, and Japan (Eunice Y. Kang, Hyung-Gu Lynn, Apichai W. Shipper), revised
Radicalization and Deradicalization (Bethany Leap, Joseph Young)
South African Foreign Policy (Fritz Nganje, Odilile Ayodele)
Terrorist Targeting in Theory and Practice (Max Abrahms, Joseph Mroszczyk)
The Latin American Long Peace (Nicolás Terradas)

April 2021

Race, Ethnicity, and Nation (Polly Rizova, John Stone), revised
Researching Modern Economic Sanctions (Menevis Cilizoglu, Bryan R. Early)
State Terrorism (Joseph M. Brown)

March 2021

Revisionism in International Relations (Jonathan M. DiCicco, Victor M. Sanchez)
The Crime-Terror Nexus (Katharine Petrich)


February 2021

International Organization and Vulnerable Groups (Dennis Dijkzeul, Carolin Funke), revised
Money and Borders (Mariana Santos, David Bassens)

January 2021

International Political Economy: Overview and Conceptualization (Renée Marlin-Bennett, David K. Johnson), revised

December 2020

Corporate Responsibility (Swati Srivastava)
Customary International Law (Kathleen Barrett)
Teaching Genocide (Jeffrey S. Bachman)

November 2020

Cultural Diplomacy (David Clarke)
Global Citizenship (April R. Biccum)

October 2020

Caribbean Foreign Policy (Jacqueline Anne Braveboy-Wagner), revised
Reputation in Deterrence and Decision-Making (Vesna Danilovic, Joe Clare, Colin Tucker)

September 2020

Internalization of International Law (Dana Zartner), revised
International Cyberpolitics (Benjamin R. Banta)

August 2020

Migration and Health Research Trends in the Americas from 2009 to 2018 (Valeria Marina Valle, Caroline Irene Deschak, Vanessa Sandoval-Romero)

July 2020

Feminist Security Theorizing (Laura Sjoberg), revised
Global Studies (Amentahru Wahlrab)
Multilateral Diplomacy (James P. Muldoon Jr., JoAnn Fagot Aviel), revised
Public Diplomacy (Nancy Snow)
Small States (Yee-Kuang Heng)
The Global Economic and Political Causes of Human Trafficking (Robert G. Blanton, Shannon Lindsey Blanton)

June 2020

Criminal Tribunals (Aaron Fichtelberg), revised
Designing and Using Simulations and Games (Carolyn M. Shaw, Amanda Rosen), revised

May 2020

The Rise of Linear Borders (Kerry Goettlich)

April 2020

Classical Geopolitics Revisited (Klaus Dodds, Chih Yuan Woon), revised


March 2020

Risk and Security in International Relations (Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen), revised
Wars for Ethnic or Nationalist Supremacy (Kristin P. Johnson, Ashlea Rundlett), revised

February 2020

Historical Theories of International Relations (Joseph MacKay, Christopher David LaRoche)

January 2020

Geographic Insights into Political Identity (Emily Gilbert, Connie Yang), revised
Geography, Territory, and Conflict (Steven V. Miller, Jaroslav Tir, John A. Vasquez), revised
The Geography of Diplomacy (Herman van der Wusten, Virginie Mamadouh), revised

December 2019

South Asia and Foreign Policy (Sumit Ganguly), revised
World Trade Law (Marc D. Froese), revised
Utilitarianism and International Ethics (Gerard Elfstrom), revised

November 2019

English School Methodology and Methods (Cornelia Navari), revised
Risk and Security in International Relations (Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen), revised

October 2019

Active Teaching and Learning: The State of the Literature (Jeffrey S. Lantis, Kent J. Kille, Matthew Krain), revised
Coup Research (Clayton L. Thyne, Jonathan Powell)
Ethics and Security (Andreas Papamichail, Anthony F. Lang Jr.), revised
Teaching Global Environmental Politics (Katrina S. Rogers), revised

September 2019

Private Military and Security Companies (Berenike Prem, Elke Krahmann), revised

August 2019

International Law and the Responsibility to Protect (B. Welling Hall, Nadira Khudayberdieva), revised
Regionalism (Filippo Costa Buranelli, Aliya Tskhay)
The Rise of Linear Borders (Kerry Goettlich), summary

July 2019


June 2019

African Foreign Policies (John James Quinn), revised
The Conduct and Consequences of War (Alyssa K. Prorok, Paul K. Huth), revised

May 2019

Foreign Policy and Communication (Laura Roselle), revised
Great Power Leadership (Wesley B. O'Dell)
Internalization of International Law (Dana Zartner), revised
Subnational Leaders and Diplomacy (Joana Setzer, Karen Anderton)

April 2019

Hegemony (Luis L. Schenoni)
Historical Theories of International Relations (Joseph MacKay, Christopher David LaRoche), summary
International/Global Political Sociology (Dirk Nabers, Frank A. Stengel)
Postconflict Reparations (Peter J. Dixon, Luke Moffett, Adriana Rudling)

March 2019

Authority in World Politics (Thomas Hickmann)
Behavioralism (Inanna Hamati-Ataya), revised
Intelligence Cooperation (Timothy W. Crawford), revised
Nonviolent Struggle (Stephen Zunes, Hardy Merriman, Maria J. Stephan), revised
Postinternational Theory (Yale H. Ferguson, Richard W. Mansbach), revised
The Sociology of the State: The State as a Conceptual Variable (Yale H. Ferguson, Richard W. Mansbach), revised

February 2019

Economics of International Communication (Stefan H. Fritsch), revised

January 2019

Historical Approaches to Security/Strategic Studies (Constantinos Koliopoulos), revised
International Relations and the Study of History (Constantinos Koliopoulos), revised

November 2018

August 2018

Postdevelopment Theory (Sally J. Matthews), revised

July 2018

Global Governance (Roberto Domínguez, Rafael Velázquez Flores)
Public Goods in International Politics (Brian Urlacher), revised

May 2018

November 2017

Biopower and International Relations (Angélica Guerra-Barón)
Conflict Escalation (Richard Bösch)
Deterrence and Crisis Bargaining (Vesna Danilovic, Joe Clare), revised
Economics and Conflict (Gerald Schneider), revised
Electronic Commerce (Sarah Cleeland Knight, Catherine L. Mann), revised
Ethics of Peacebuilding (Reina C. Neufeldt)
Indigenous Rights in International Law (Cher Weixia Chen), revised
Intelligence and Terrorism (Erik J. Dahl, David Viola), revised
Interdependence in International Organization and Global Governance (Roger A. Coate, Jeffrey A. Griffin, Steven Elliott-Gower), revised
International Cooperation Theory and International Institutions (Xinyuan Dai, Duncan Snidal, Michael Sampson), revised
International Hierarchy (Alexander D. Barder), revised
International Organization and Health/Disease (Kelley Lee, Julia Smith), revised
International Society (Katarzyna Kaczmarska)
Issues in Data Collection: International Conflict (Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, Kyle Beardsley, Sara M. T. Polo), revised
The Politics of Climate Change (Loren R. Cass), revised
The Third Debate and Post-Positivism (Thierry Balzacq, Stéphane J. Baele)
Transnational Actors (Markus Thiel, Jeffrey Maslanik), revised
Trust and International Organization (Kendall W. Stiles), revised
World Trade Law (Marc D. Froese), revised