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Recently Published

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April 2020

Classical Geopolitics Revisited (Klaus Dodds, Chih Yuan Woon), revised

March 2020

Risk and Security in International Relations (Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen), revised
Wars for Ethnic or Nationalist Supremacy (Kristin P. Johnson, Ashlea Rundlett), revised

February 2020

Historical Theories of International Relations (Joseph MacKay, Christopher David LaRoche)

January 2020

Geographic Insights into Political Identity (Emily Gilbert, Connie Yang), revised
Geography, Territory, and Conflict (Steven V. Miller, Jaroslav Tir, John A. Vasquez), revised
The Geography of Diplomacy (Herman van der Wusten, Virginie Mamadouh), revised

December 2019

South Asia and Foreign Policy (Sumit Ganguly), revised
World Trade Law (Marc D. Froese), revised
Utilitarianism and International Ethics (Gerard Elfstrom), revised

November 2019

English School Methodology and Methods (Cornelia Navari), revised
Risk and Security in International Relations (Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen), revised

October 2019

Active Teaching and Learning: The State of the Literature (Jeffrey S. Lantis, Kent J. Kille, Matthew Krain), revised
Coup Research (Clayton L. Thyne, Jonathan Powell)
Ethics and Security (Andreas Papamichail, Anthony F. Lang Jr.), revised
Teaching Global Environmental Politics (Katrina S. Rogers), revised

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