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January 2024

Friendship in International Politics (Kristin Haugevik), revised


December 2023

Coup Research (Clayton L. Thyne, Jonathan Powell, Benjamin Leo), revised
The Politics of Digital (Human) Rights (Ben Wagner, Andy Sanchez, Marie-Therese Sekwenz, Sofie Dideriksen, Dave Murray-Rust)

November 2023

Civilian Victimization During Conflict (Alexander B. Downes, Stephen Rangazas)
Conflict Management and Peacebuilding in Asia (Monalisa Adhikari, Yuji Uesugi)
Human Rights in ASEAN (Randy W. Nandyatama)
Human Rights in East Asia (Ñusta Carranza Ko)
International Organization and Health/Disease (Kelley Lee, Julia Smith), revised
International Relations of the Pacific Islands (William Waqavakatoga, Joanne Wallis)
Peace: A Conceptual Survey (Paul F. Diehl), revised
Peacekeeping Economies (Kathleen M. Jennings)


October 2023

Middle Powers (Marion Laurence)


September 2023

Biopower and International Relations (Angélica Guerra-Barón), revised
Digital Diplomacy (Kristin Anabel Eggeling)

August 2023

Civil Resistance (Hardy Merriman)
Disaster Diplomacy (Carmela Lutmar, Adedayo L. Abah)
Risk Preferences and War (Christopher Schwarz, Bruce Bueno de Mesquita)
Trust and International Organization (Kendall W. Stiles), revised

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