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January 2021

British Business on the West Coast of South America (Robert G. Greenhill, Rory M. Miller)
Race, Science, and Social Thought in 20th-Century Brazil (Marcos Chor Maio, Robert Wegner, Vanderlei Sebastião de Souza)

December 2020


November 2020

The Balaiada War, 1838–1841 (Adriana Barreto de Souza)
Uruguay and UN Peacekeeping (Julian Gonzalez-Guyer)

October 2020

Native Brazilians under the Monarchy in Brazil (Maria Regina Celestino de Almeida)
The Brazilian Economy in the 19th Century (Carlos Gabriel Guimarães)

September 2020

Brazilian Historiography in the 20th Century (Thiago Lima Nicodemo, Mateus Henrique de Faria Pereira, Pedro Afonso Cristovão dos Santos)
Shining Path (Miguel La Serna)

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