The Oxford Encyclopedia of Mexican History and Culture

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Mexican History and Culture

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Mexican History and Culture is a thematic print reference collection that brings fresh interpretations to standard political and economic analyses and provides new insights through cultural approaches to Mexico’s history. Drawing on articles from across the sections of the online ORE, the encyclopedia features the latest scholarship written by leading scholars from Mexico and the English-speaking world. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Mexican History and Culture also considers topics of increasing interest, including gender and environmental studies, and offers useful guides to digital archives and resources for the study of Mexican history. All of the articles appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History.

Volume Editor

 William H. Beezley, University of Arizona


Four Iconic Images of Mexico

The Great Encounter, 1492–1521

Spanish Colonial Rule, 1521–1810

Independence and the Early Republic, 1808–1821

Revolution and Revolutionary Society

Mid-20th Century Economic Development, Cold War, and Middle-Class Expectations

The Contemporary Era

Digital Resources




Caste Wars in Yucatán (Michele McArdle Stephens)
Digital Resources: The Documented Border (Celeste González de Bustamante, Verónica Reyes-Escudero)
Disease, Ecology, and the Environment in Colonial Mexico (Bradley Skopyk, Elinor G. K. Melville)
Disney Health Films in Mexico (María Rosa Gudiño Cejudo)
Gabriel Vargas and La familia Burrón (Maira Mayola Benítez Carrillo)
José Guadalupe Posada and Visual Culture in Porfirian Mexico (Robert M. Buffington, Jesus Osciel Salazar)
Juliet Barrett Rublee and Flame of Mexico (Elissa Rashkin, Isabel Arredondo)
López Obrador in Democratic Mexico (Alejandro García Magos)
Lucha Libre (Stephen Allen)
Mexican Culture, 1920–1945 (Helen Delpar, Stephanie J. Smith)
Mexican Telenovelas (O. Hugo Benavides)
Mexico and the Outside World (Friedrich E. Schuler)
Mexico and the Pacific (Edward R. Slack)
Mexico's First Decades of Independence (Christon I. Archer, Stephen B. Neufeld)
Music in Mexico City, 1880–1960 (Ricardo Pérez Montfort)
The Drug Trade in Mexico (Aileen Teague)
The Mexican-American War (Irving W. Levinson)
The Reforma Period in Mexico (Paul Vanderwood, Robert Weis)
The Women of Guadalajara in Mexico's History (María Teresa Fernández Aceves)
Travel and Transport in Mexico (J. Brian Freeman, Guillermo Guajardo Soto)