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September 2020

Brazilian Historiography in the 20th Century (Thiago Lima Nicodemo, Mateus Henrique de Faria Pereira, Pedro Afonso Cristovão dos Santos)
Shining Path (Miguel La Serna)

August 2020

Brazil and World War II (Frank D. McCann)
The Sertão and its Representations (Nísia Trindade Lima, Tamara Rangel Vieira)
The Sabinada Rebellion (Monica Duarte Dantas, Roberto Saba)
Toward a History of Carnival (Martha Abreu, Eric Brasil)

July 2020

Brazilian Telenovelas and Modernity (Mônica Almeida Kornis)

June 2020

Digital Resources: Latin American Food and Food History (Rebekah E. Pite, Ana Ramirez Luhrs)
Digital Resources: Multepal, Mesoamerican Studies, and the Popol Wuj (Allison Margaret Bigelow, Rafael C. Alvarado)

May 2020

Neoliberalism in Chile (Alison J. Bruey)

April 2020

Digital Resources: The Digital Library of Ibero-American Heritage (Silvia E. Gutiérrez De la Torre, Miguel D. Cuadros-Sánchez)
Huichol Culture in Mexico, 1910–2019 (Michele McArdle Stephens)
The Moche (Luis Jaime Castillo Butters, Karla Paola Patroni Castillo)

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