Word from Oxford

Oxford University Press publishes some of the best current work in Latin American history, both in book and journal format, and we are now excited to bring you the highest quality reference material available in the discipline with the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History. With the editorial board and a team of in-house editors, I work to shape the content of the ORE and secure leading scholars to contribute.

The ORE provides students and scholars with peer-reviewed, historiographically-informed articles in all areas of Latin American history. Articles serve as a foundational source of information on a given topic as well as a jumping-off point for deeper research, and through continuous updating will remain reflective of emerging trends in scholarship. As a digitally native resource, the ORE also incorporates multimedia, including images, links, and audiovisual clips, that allow readers to explore in greater depth the richly diverse history and cultures of Latin America.

It is our hope that the ORE of Latin American History will continue to develop through close collaboration between the global community of historians and Oxford University Press. Check back regularly for updates as new content is added, and please consider getting involved. We welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you!

Louis Gulino

Acquisitions Editor, Latin American History