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December 2020

Finite Verb Morphology in the Romance Languages (Louise Esher, Franck Floricic, Martin Maiden)

October 2020

Balkan-Romance (Adina Dragomirescu)

September 2020

Attributive/Root Compounds in Morphology (Anton Karl Ingason, Einar Freyr Sigurðsson)

August 2020

Articulatory Phonology (Marianne Pouplier)
Conjugation Class (Isabel Oltra-Massuet)
External Influences in the History of English (Markku Filppula, Juhani Klemola)
Language Contact and the Lexicon of Romance Languages (André Thibault, Nicholas LoVecchio)
Tonogenesis (Alexis Michaud, Bonny Sands)

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