The Oxford Encyclopedia of Germanic Linguistics

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Germanic Linguistics is a carefully curated, peer-reviewed collection of articles that will appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics as well as a thematic set in print. It will offer a comprehensive survey of Germanic languages, combining a comparative approach with historical, variationist, and typological perspectives, including the newest trends in research methods, such as corpus linguistics, and psycholinguistics, and treating the status of Germanic languages in grammatical theorizing. Led by Editors in Chief Sebastian Kürschner and Antje Dammel, the encyclopedia will cover a wide range of topics, including an overview of the Germanic family and its history; detailed portraits of the individual languages; phonology, morphology, writing systems and syntax; variationist perspectives including dialectology and sociolinguistics; language contact; methodologies and future research directions.

Editors in Chief

Sebastian Kürschner, Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

Antje Dammel, University of Münster

Associate Editors

Jarich Hoekstra, Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel

Steffen Höder, Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel

Oliver Schallert, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Freek Van de Velde, KU Leuven


Overview of the Germanic languages

Grammar: Phonology and graphematics; morphology; syntax

Variationist perspectives

Language contact

Methodologies, resources, future directions



Agreement in Germanic (Haldór Ármann Sigurðsson)
Binding in Germanic (Eric Reuland, Martin Everaert)
Conversion in Germanic (Martina Werner)
Danish (Eva Skafte Jensen)
Diatheses in Germanic (Simon Kasper)
Foot Structure in Germanic (Joshua Booth, Aditi Lahiri)
Frisian (Christoph Winter)
(High) German (Simon Pickl)
Luxembourgish (Peter Gilles)
Negation in Germanic (Johan Brandtler, Anne Breitbarth)
Norwegian (Agnete Nesse)
Object Shift and Object Scrambling in Germanic (Agnete Nesse, Hans Broekhuis)
Reconstructing Proto-Germanic (Martin Joachim Kümmel)
Segmental Phenomena in Germanic: Consonants (Samantha Litty, Joseph Salmons)
Swedish (Erik M. Petzell)
Yiddish (Lea Schäfer)