Past Updates

December 2021

Discriminative Learning and the Lexicon: NDL and LDL (Yu-Ying Chuang, R. Harald Baayen)

November 2021


October 2021


September 2021

Portuguese-Lexified Creoles (J. Clancy Clements)
Rhythm in the Romance Languages (Pier Marco Bertinetto)

August 2021

Chinese Reflexives (Yingying Wang, Haihua Pan)
Cochlear Implants (Matthew B. Winn, Peggy B. Nelson)
Ergativity in Indo-Aryan (Pritty Patel-Grosz)
History of the Spanish Lexicon (Steven N. Dworkin)
Italo-Romance: Venetan (Patrizia Cordin)
Structural Semantics in the Romance Languages (Miguel Casas Gómez, Martin Hummel)
The Passive Construction in Chinese (Haihua Pan, Xiaoshi Hu)

June 2021

Classifiers in Morphology (Marcin Kilarski, Marc Allassonnière-Tang)

May 2021

Syntactic Typology (Masayoshi Shibatani)

March 2021

Language Shift (Lenore A. Grenoble)

February 2021


January 2021

Neurolinguistic Research on the Romance Languages (Valentina Bambini, Paolo Canal)

December 2020

Finite Verb Morphology in the Romance Languages (Louise Esher, Franck Floricic, Martin Maiden)

October 2020

Balkan-Romance (Adina Dragomirescu)

September 2020

Attributive/Root Compounds in Morphology (Anton Karl Ingason, Einar Freyr Sigurðsson)

August 2020

Articulatory Phonology (Marianne Pouplier)
Conjugation Class (Isabel Oltra-Massuet)
External Influences in the History of English (Markku Filppula, Juhani Klemola)
Language Contact and the Lexicon of Romance Languages (André Thibault, Nicholas LoVecchio)
Tonogenesis (Alexis Michaud, Bonny Sands)

July 2020

Affixation in Morphology (Kristel Van Goethem)
History of Analytic Philosophy of Language (Béatrice Godart-Wendling)
Mood in Morphology (Daria Mordashova, Vladimir Plungian)
Morpheme Ordering (Patrik Bye)
The Morphology of Yam Languages (Matthew J. Carroll)
The Phonetics of Prosody (Amalia Arvaniti)

June 2020

Agreement in Morphology (Patricia Cabredo Hofherr)
Consonant Harmony (Gunnar Hansson)
Dalmatian (Vegliote) (Martin Maiden)
English Language (Geoffrey K. Pullum)
Lexical Typology in Morphology (Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm, Ljuba N. Veselinova)
Mirativity in Morphology (Tyler Peterson)
Morphology and Tone (Irina Monich)
Person in Morphology (Michael Daniel)

April 2020

Analogy in Morphology (David Fertig)
Form and Meaning of (Indefinite) Pronouns (Olaf Koeneman, Hedde Zeijlstra)
Linking Elements in Morphology (Renata Szczepaniak)
Morphology in Arawak languages (Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald)
Negation in Morphology (Karen De Clercq)
Network Morphology (Andrew Hippisley)

March 2020

Causative/Inchoative in Morphology (Mercedes Tubino-Blanco)
Copulas in the Romance Languages (Christopher Pountain)
Morphology in Quechuan Languages (Willem F. H. Adelaar)
Numerals in Morphology (Ljuba N. Veselinova)
Paradigms in Morphology (Petar Milin, James P. Blevins)

February 2020

Conversion in Morphology (Sándor Martsa)
Head/Dependent Marking (Yury Lander, Johanna Nichols)
Morphology and Metrical Structure (Birgit Alber, Sabine Arndt-Lappe)
Polysemy Versus Homonymy (Salvador Valera)
Psycholinguistic Methods and Tasks in Morphology (Daniel Schmidtke, Victor Kuperman)

January 2020

Morphology in Sino-Tibetan Languages (Giorgio Francesco Arcodia, Bianca Basciano)
Parasynthesis in Morphology (Claudio Iacobini)

December 2019


November 2019

Morphology in Austronesian Languages (Theodore Levin, Maria Polinsky)

October 2019

Morphology in Uralic Languages (Anna Sőrés, Krisztina Hevér-Joly)

September 2019

Deponency in Morphology (Laura Grestenberger)
Morphology and Language Attrition (Silvina Montrul, James Yoon)
Relevance Theory (Deirdre Wilson)

August 2019


July 2019

Argument Structure and Morphology (Jim Wood, Neil Myler)
Etymology in Romance (Éva Buchi, Steven N. Dworkin)
Phonetics (D. H. Whalen)
Phonetics of Consonants (Susanne Fuchs, Peter Birkholz)

June 2019

Case Interactions in Syntax (Jessica Coon, Clint Parker)
Innateness of Language (Yarden Kedar)
Morphology and Argument Alternations (Malka Rappaport Hovav)

May 2019

Blending in Morphology (Natalia Beliaeva)
Exocentricity in Morphology (María Irene Moyna)
Ideophones (Mimetics, Expressives) (Kimi Akita, Mark Dingemanse)
Idioms and Phraseology (M. Teresa Espinal, Jaume Mateu)
Mande-Atlantic Contacts (Konstantin Pozdniakov, Guillaume Segerer, Valentin Vydrin)
Morphology and Pro Drop (Olaf Koeneman, Hedde Zeijlstra)
Natural Morphology (Wolfgang U. Dressler)

April 2019

A History of Creole Studies (Silvio Moreira de Sousa, Johannes Mücke, Philipp Krämer)
Overabundance in Morphology (Anna M. Thornton)
Syntactic Cartography (Ur Shlonsky, Giuliano Bocci)
Syntactic Features (Peter Svenonius)
The Onomasiological Approach (Jesús Fernández-Domínguez)
The Status of Heads in Morphology (Beata Moskal, Peter W. Smith)

March 2019

American Structuralism (Margaret Thomas)
Multilingualism in Rural Africa (Pierpaolo Di Carlo, Jeff Good, Rachel Ojong Diba)
Phonetics of Vowels (Christine Ericsdotter Nordgren)
Pidgins and Creoles (John McWhorter)

February 2019


January 2019

Event/Result in Morphology (Artemis Alexiadou)
The Kra-Dai Languages (Yongxian Luo)

September 2018

Autosegmental Phonology (William R. Leben)

August 2018

July 2018

Mande Languages (Valentin Vydrin)
Mixed Languages (Felicity Meakins)
Sign Language Phonology (Diane Brentari, Jordan Fenlon, Kearsy Cormier)
Zero Morphemes (Eystein Dahl, Antonio Fábregas)

June 2018

Artificial Languages (Alan Reed Libert)
Formants (Daniel Aalto, Jarmo Malinen, Martti Vainio)
Okinawan Language (Shinsho Miyara)

May 2018

Afroasiatic Languages (Zygmunt Frajzyngier)
Syntax–Phonology Interface (Sónia Frota, Marina Vigário)

April 2018

Dialectology (Becky Childs)
Second Language Phonetics (Ocke-Schwen Bohn)

March 2018

Iconicity (Irit Meir, Oksana Tkachman)
Missionary Dictionaries (Otto Zwartjes)
Missionary Grammars (Otto Zwartjes)
Morphological and Syntactical Variation and Change in Catalan (Gemma Rigau, Manuel Pérez Saldanya), summary
Natural Morphology (Wolfgang Dressler), summary
The Morphology of Yam Languages (Matthew J. Carroll), summary

February 2018

Coarticulation (Daniel Recasens)
Korean Syntax (James Hye Suk Yoon)
Languages of the World (William R. Leben)
Penutian Languages (Anthony P. Grant)
The Phonetics of Babbling (Susan Rvachew, Abdulsalam Alhaidary)
Tupian Languages (Wolf Dietrich)
Variation in Phonology (Arto Anttila)

January 2018

Conversational Implicature (Nicholas Allott)
Defectiveness in Morphology (Antonio Fábregas)
Determiners (Phoevos Panagiotidis)
Direct Perception of Speech (Carol A. Fowler)
French-Based Creole Languages (Anne Hertz), summary
Locality in Syntax (Adriana Belletti)
Nominal Reference (Donka Farkas)
The Onomasiological Approach (Jesús Fernández-Domínguez), summary
Type Theory for Natural Language Semantics (Stergios Chatzikyriakidis, Robin Cooper)
World Englishes (Edgar W. Schneider)
Zero Morphemes (Eystein Dahl, Antonio Fábregas), summary

December 2017

Morphology and Phonotactics (Maria Gouskova), summary
Romance in Contact With Semitic (Daniele Baglioni), summary

November 2017

Acquisition of Pragmatics (Myrto Grigoroglou, Anna Papafragou)
The Morphology of Uralic Languages (Anna Sörés), summary

October 2017


September 2017

August 2017

Early Modern English (Terttu Nevalainen)
Middle English (Cynthia L. Allen)
Noam Chomsky (Howard Lasnik, Terje Lohndal)
Old and Middle Japanese (Bjarke Frellesvig)

July 2017

Conversion in Morphology (Sándor Martsa), summary
Polysemy (Agustín Vicente, Ingrid L. Falkum)
Semantics and Pragmatics of Monkey Communication (Philippe Schlenker, Emmanuel Chemla, Klaus Zuberbühler)
Usage-Based Linguistics (Holger Diessel)

June 2017

Cyclicity in Syntax (Robert Freidin)
Ferdinand de Saussure (John E. Joseph)
Georg von der Gabelentz (James McElvenny)
Inflectional Morphology (Gregory Stump)
Linguistic Landscape of Ethiopia (Elizabeth Lanza, Hirut Woldemariam)

May 2017

Muskogean Languages (Jack B. Martin)
Passives and Syntax (Artemis Alexiadou)
William Labov (Matthew J. Gordon)

April 2017

Experimental Semiotics (Bruno Galantucci)

March 2017

Anaphora in Dravidian (K. A. Jayaseelan)
Argument Realization in Syntax (Malka Rappaport Hovav)
Case (Andrej L. Malchukov)
Caucasian Languages (Marina Chumakina)
Chinese Semantics (Haihua Pan, Yuli Feng)
Clinical Linguistics (Louise Cummings)
Compounding in Morphology (Pius ten Hacken)
Computational Phonology (Jane Chandlee, Jeffrey Heinz)
Coordination in Syntax (Grant Goodall)
Copular Constructions in Syntax (Marcel den Dikken, Teresa O’Neill)
Deixis and Pragmatics (William F. Hanks)
Derivational Economy in Syntax and Semantics (Željko Bošković, Troy Messick)
Derivational Morphology (Rochelle Lieber)
Distributed Morphology (Jonathan David Bobaljik)
Experimental Pragmatics (Florian Schwarz)
Grammaticalization (Walter Bisang)
Humor in Language (Salvatore Attardo)
Japanese Psycholinguistics (Mineharu Nakayama)
Kiowa-Tanoan Languages (Daniel Harbour)
Language Revitalization (Aidan Pine, Mark Turin)
Languages of the Balkans (Victor A. Friedman)
Mayan Languages (Nora C. England)
Meanings of Constructions (Laura A. Michaelis)
Morphological Change (Carola Trips)
Munda Languages (Gregory D. S. Anderson)
Natural Language Ontology (Friederike Moltmann)
Number in Language (Paolo Acquaviva)
Pidgin Languages (Mikael Parkvall)
Pitch Accent in Korean (Chiyuki Ito, Michael J. Kenstowicz)
Politeness in Pragmatics (Dániel Z. Kádár)
Pragmatics and Language Evolution (Marieke Woensdregt, Kenny Smith)
Pragmatics of Focus (Jon Scott Stevens)
Prescriptive Attitudes to English Usage (Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade, Carmen Ebner)
Semantic Change (Elizabeth Closs Traugott)
Speech Acts (Mitchell Green)
Suppletion (Ljuba N. Veselinova)
Syntax of Ditransitives (Heidi Harley, Shigeru Miyagawa)
Textual Inference (Annie Zaenen)
The Acquisition of Color Words (Katie Wagner, David Barner)
Theme (Eva Hajičová)

February 2017

Etymology in Romance (Eva Buchi, Steven N. Dworkin), summary

January 2017

Child Phonology (Yvan Rose)
Corpus Phonology (Jacques Durand)
Japanese Linguistics (Natsuko Tsujimura)
Lexical Semantics (Dirk Geeraerts)
Nikolai Trubetzkoy (Edwin L. Battistella)
Speech Perception in Phonetics (Patrice Speeter Beddor)

December 2016

Innateness of Language (Yarden Kedar), summary
Multilingualism in Rural Africa (Jeff Good, Pierpaolo Di Carlo), summary
Relative Clauses in Syntax (Mark de Vries), summary
Romance in Contact with Basque (Gerd Jendraschek), summary

November 2016

Coarticulation (Daniel Recasens), summary
Kra-Dai Languages (Yongxian Luo), summary
Polysemy (Agustin Vicente, Ingrid Lossius Falkum), summary
World Englishes (Edgar W. Schneider), summary

October 2016

William Labov (Matthew J. Gordon), summary

August 2016

Aphasia from a Neurolinguistic Perspective (Susan Edwards, Christos Salis)
Dene-Yeniseian (Edward Vajda)
Generative Grammar (Knut Tarald Taraldsen)
Hokan Languages (Carmen Jany)
Iroquoian Languages (Karin Michelson)
Tone (Bert Remijsen)

July 2016

Chinese Semantics (Haihua Pan, Yuli Feng), summary
Gender (Jenny Audring)
Languages of the Balkans (Victor A. Friedman), summary
Metrical Structure and Stress (Matthew K. Gordon)
Morphosyntax of Dravidian Languages (R. Amritavalli), summary
Semantic Compositionality (Francis Jeffry Pelletier)
Vowel Harmony (Harry van der Hulst)

June 2016

Accent in Japanese Phonology (Haruo Kubozono), summary
Autosegmental Phonology (Will Leben), summary
Blocking (Franz Rainer)
Compounding in Morphology (Pius ten Hacken), summary
Computational Semantics (Katrin Erk), summary
Creole Languages (Pieter Muysken)
Eskimo-Aleut (Anna Berge)
Languages of the World (Will Leben), summary
Learnability and Learning Algorithms in Phonology (Anne-Michelle Tessier), summary
Literature and Linguistics (Nigel Fabb), summary
Middle English (Cynthia L. Allen), summary
Nikolai Trubetzkoy (Edwin L. Battistella), summary
Noam Chomsky (Howard Lasnik, Terje Lohndal), summary
Pragmatics and Language Evolution (Marieke Woensdregt, Kenny Smith), summary
Psycholinguistic Approaches to Morphology (Christina L. Gagné), summary
Second Language Acquisition of Japanese (Masahiko Minami), summary
Semantic Change (Elizabeth Closs Traugott), summary
Zapotecan Languages (Rosemary G. Beam de Azcona)

May 2016

Articulatory Phonetics (Marie K. Huffman)
Biolinguistics (Cedric Boeckx, Pedro Tiago Martins)
Frequency Effects in Grammar (Holger Diessel, Martin Hilpert)

April 2016

Altaic Languages, George Starostin

March 2016

Conversation Analysis, Jack Sidnell
Theoretical Phonology, Paul de Lacy

December 2015

Endangered Languages, Chris Rogers, Lyle Campbell

November 2015

Lexical Semantics, Dirk Geeraerts (summary)
Phonological Inventories, Ian Maddieson (summary)
Sociolinguistics, Christine Mallinson
The Pragmatics of Focus, Jon Scott Stevens (summary)

December 2014

Gothic, D. Gary Miller (summary)