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November 2023


October 2023

Binding in Germanic (Eric Reuland, Martin Everaert)
Phonological Variation and Change in Latin American Spanish (Pedro Martín-Butragueño, Érika Mendoza), revised
Segmental Phenomena in Germanic: Consonants (Samantha Litty, Joseph Salmons)

September 2023

Diatheses in Germanic (Simon Kasper)
Foot Structure in Germanic (Joshua Booth, Aditi Lahiri), revised

August 2023

Argument Marking in Romance (Alexandru Nicolae)
Critical Applied Linguistics (Alastair Pennycook)
History of the Italian Lexicon (Paolo D’Achille)
Language Crossing and the Global Southern Gaze (Cristine Severo, Sinfree Makoni, Ashraf Abdelhay)
Luxembourgish (Peter Gilles)
Object-Fronting in Archaic Chinese (Victor Junnan Pan, Yihe Jiao)
The Semantics of Chinese Wh-Phrases (Qianqian Ren, Haihua Pan)

July 2023

Acoustic Theories of Speech Perception (Melissa Redford, Melissa Baese-Berk)
Reconstructing Proto-Germanic (Martin Joachim Kümmel)
Sentence Fragment Ellipsis in Chinese (Audrey Yen-hui Li, Ting-chi Wei)
Sluicing and Predicate Ellipsis in Chinese (Audrey Yen-hui Li, Ting-chi Wei)

June 2023


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