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Recently Published

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April 2020

Analogy in Morphology (David Fertig)
Form and Meaning of (Indefinite) Pronouns (Olaf Koeneman, Hedde Zeijlstra)
Linking Elements in Morphology (Renata Szczepaniak)
Morphology in Arawak languages (Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald)
Negation in Morphology (Karen De Clercq)
Network Morphology (Andrew Hippisley)

March 2020

Causative/Inchoative in Morphology (Mercedes Tubino-Blanco)
Copulas in the Romance Languages (Christopher Pountain)
Morphology in Quechuan Languages (Willem F. H. Adelaar)
Numerals in Morphology (Ljuba N. Veselinova)
Paradigms in Morphology (Petar Milin, James P. Blevins)

February 2020

Conversion in Morphology (Sándor Martsa)
Head/Dependent Marking (Yury Lander, Johanna Nichols)
Morphology and Metrical Structure (Birgit Alber, Sabine Arndt-Lappe)
Polysemy Versus Homonymy (Salvador Valera)
Psycholinguistic Methods and Tasks in Morphology (Daniel Schmidtke, Victor Kuperman)

January 2020

Morphology in Sino-Tibetan Languages (Giorgio Francesco Arcodia, Bianca Basciano)
Parasynthesis in Morphology (Claudio Iacobini)

December 2019

November 2019

Morphology in Austronesian Languages (Theodore Levin, Maria Polinsky)

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