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September 2021

Portuguese-Lexified Creoles (J. Clancy Clements)
Rhythm in the Romance Languages (Pier Marco Bertinetto)

August 2021

Chinese Reflexives (Yingying Wang, Haihua Pan)
Cochlear Implants (Matthew B. Winn, Peggy B. Nelson)
Ergativity in Indo-Aryan (Pritty Patel-Grosz)
History of the Spanish Lexicon (Steven N. Dworkin)
Italo-Romance: Venetan (Patrizia Cordin)
Structural Semantics in the Romance Languages (Miguel Casas Gómez, Martin Hummel)
The Passive Construction in Chinese (Haihua Pan, Xiaoshi Hu)

June 2021

Classifiers in Morphology (Marcin Kilarski, Marc Allassonnière-Tang)

May 2021

Syntactic Typology (Masayoshi Shibatani)

March 2021

Language Shift (Lenore A. Grenoble)

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