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September 2020

Attributive/Root Compounds in Morphology (Anton Karl Ingason, Einar Freyr Sigurðsson)

August 2020

Articulatory Phonology (Marianne Pouplier)
Conjugation Class (Isabel Oltra-Massuet)
External Influences in the History of English (Markku Filppula, Juhani Klemola)
Language Contact and the Lexicon of Romance Languages (André Thibault, Nicholas LoVecchio)
Tonogenesis (Alexis Michaud, Bonny Sands)

July 2020

Affixation in Morphology (Kristel Van Goethem)
History of Analytic Philosophy of Language (Béatrice Godart-Wendling)
Mood in Morphology (Daria Mordashova, Vladimir Plungian)
Morpheme Ordering (Patrik Bye)
The Morphology of Yam Languages (Matthew J. Carroll)
The Phonetics of Prosody (Amalia Arvaniti)

June 2020

Agreement in Morphology (Patricia Cabredo Hofherr)
Consonant Harmony (Gunnar Hansson)
Dalmatian (Vegliote) (Martin Maiden)
English Language (Geoffrey K. Pullum)
Lexical Typology in Morphology (Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm, Ljuba N. Veselinova)
Mirativity in Morphology (Tyler Peterson)
Morphology and Tone (Irina Monich)
Person in Morphology (Michael Daniel)

April 2020

Analogy in Morphology (David Fertig)
Form and Meaning of (Indefinite) Pronouns (Olaf Koeneman, Hedde Zeijlstra)
Linking Elements in Morphology (Renata Szczepaniak)
Morphology in Arawak languages (Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald)
Negation in Morphology (Karen De Clercq)
Network Morphology (Andrew Hippisley)

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