Word from Oxford


I am pleased to announce the launch of one of our most exciting and ambitious ventures in years: the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics. Started in 2014 under the guidance of Editor in Chief Mark Aronoff and an international editorial board, the project has quickly grown to host over 160 articles by renowned scholars from all over the globe.

From morphology to neurolinguistics, from semantics to sociolinguistics and sign languages, the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics aims to map, over time, the entire landscape of the world’s languages, weaving together the various historical, theoretical, and experimental approaches that make up the field of linguistics. This project will not only offer a rigorous yet accessible overview of current linguistic research but also become a living resource that evolves as the discipline evolves in order to constantly reflect and inspire new debates within the academic community.

The ORE’s scope has been conceived in the tradition of the great encyclopedic works of the past, but its methods for dissemination are wholly modern and tailored to the fast-changing needs of our digital world. In an age where information is of seemingly infinite quantity yet often of dubious accuracy, we strive to fill the demand for a high-quality, reliable, and easily navigable research tool. Peer-reviewed and frequently updated, articles have the opportunity to feature a wide array of multimedia resources, including audio-visual materials, links to digital archives, datasets, and other pedagogical tools.

We invite you to browse our recently published articles and welcome your feedback as we continue to build the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics. It is a collaborative initiative between Oxford University Press and the global scholarly communities, so please consider getting involved.

We look forward to working with you!


Elda Granata

Linguistics Editor