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Serialization and Victorian Literature  

Susan David Bernstein and Julia McCord Chavez

Serialization, a publication format that came to dominate the Victorian literary marketplace following its deft adoption by marketing master Charles Dickens in the 1830s, is a transcendent ... More

Serializing Fiction in the Australasian Press  

Graham Law

As Australia and New Zealand gradually emerged as independent nation-states around the turn of the 20th century, the serial issue of literature became steadily less prevalent and ... More

Settler Colonialism in Asian North American Representation  

Iyko Day

The study of settler colonialism has evolved from a nearly exclusive examination of the interplay of Indigeneity and white settler colonial domination to an engagement that has become ... More

Sexton, Anne  

Ellen McGrath Smith

Published Online:
Jul 2017
Anne Sexton is one of the most charged and memorable personalities in American literature. Her image as a taboo-breaking, glamorous New England housewife-turned-poet has made her a ... More

Shepard, Sam  

Philip Parry

Published Online:
Jul 2017
Sam Shepard is the best known, and has proved the most enduring, of those American dramatists who began their careers in the radical and alternative theater movements of the 1960s. ... More

The Short Story in America  

Laurie Champion

Published Online:
Sep 2017
The short story is the only genre that can be considered uniquely American. The genre began as sketches, or tales, as in the classic tale “Rip Van Winkle.” The genre remained undefined ... More

Silko, Leslie Marmon  

Amanda Fields

Published Online:
Sep 2017
Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on 5 March 1948, Leslie Marmon Silko emerged in the late twentieth century to make her mark in a history of storytellers. Silko's work was recognized by ... More

Simic, Charles  

Henry Hart

Published Online:
Jul 2017
With his characteristic blend of whimsy and high seriousness, Charles Simic once remarked: “There are three ways of thinking about the world. You can think about the Cosmos (as the Greeks ... More

Singer, Isaac Bashevis  

James A. Lewin

Published Online:
Jul 2017
What makes Isaac Bashevis Singer so exceptional? He is not only the sole writer working primarily in Yiddish to have won a Nobel Prize but also the only Yiddish writer included in the ... More

Smith, Dave  

Kimberly Lewis

Published Online:
Jul 2017
David Jeddie Smith was born on 19 December 1942 in Portsmouth, Virginia. He graduated from the University of Virginia, and was then educated at Southern Illinois University, where he ... More

Snyder, Gary  

Aaron K. DiFranco

Published Online:
Sep 2017
In promoting a life close to nature and exploring the relation between the inner mind and the outer world, Gary Snyder falls into the tradition of American romanticism following Thoreau ... More

Soto, Gary  

Steven P. Schneider

Published Online:
Jul 2017
Born in Fresno, California, on 12 April 1952, Gary Soto is one of the most prominent Mexican-American writers of his generation. Soto's grandparents were born in Mexico, migrated to the ... More

South Asian American Visual Culture and Representation  

Bakirathi Mani

South Asian American visual culture is a diverse field of visual art, created by artists who are first-, second- and third-generation immigrants from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, among ... More

Southern Gothic Literature  

Thomas Ærvold Bjerre

Southern Gothic is a mode or genre prevalent in literature from the early 19th century to this day. Characteristics of Southern Gothic include the presence of irrational, horrific, and ... More

Southern Literature and the Civil Rights Era  

Julie Buckner Armstrong

Southern literature provides numerous, diverse responses to the civil rights era. Produced during the movement itself and continuing into the 21st century, southern civil rights writing ... More

Southern Poetry: Antebellum to Contemporary  

Claire Raymond

Southern poetry embraces dichotomous elements: it contains poems lauding the Confederacy, and also poems deeply critical and mournful of the racist violence, oppression, and racist ... More


Eric Prieto

Published Online:
Jun 2019
Space is a fundamental, ineliminable dimension of existence, which manifests itself in every aspect of material, psychological, and social life. It is also a purely dimensional category, ... More

Spanish Incunabula  

Benito Rial Costas

At the end of the 15th century, printed books were known and read throughout Europe, and the modern structure of this new product was defined. However, in many Spanish cities, printing and ... More

Spanish Language in Chicano Literature  

Jesús Rosales

Spanish-language Chicano literary production is rich in tradition and scope. This article intends to provide a brief comprehensive summary of the Chicano literary representation of some of ... More

Spectacle and Détournement  

McKenzie Wark

Published Online:
Jul 2019
The concepts of spectacle and détournement are closely associated with the Paris-based postwar avant-garde movement known as the Situationist International. Spectacle is meant to work as a ... More