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Southern Literature and the Civil Rights Era  

Julie Buckner Armstrong

Southern literature provides numerous, diverse responses to the civil rights era. Produced during the movement itself and continuing into the 21st century, southern civil rights writing ... More

Southern Poetry: Antebellum to Contemporary  

Claire Raymond

Southern poetry embraces dichotomous elements: it contains poems lauding the Confederacy, and also poems deeply critical and mournful of the racist violence, oppression, and racist ... More


Eric Prieto

Online publication date:
Jun 2019
Space is a fundamental, ineliminable dimension of existence, which manifests itself in every aspect of material, psychological, and social life. It is also a purely dimensional category, in ... More

Spanish Incunabula  

Benito Rial Costas

At the end of the 15th century, printed books were known and read throughout Europe, and the modern structure of this new product was defined. However, in many Spanish cities, printing and ... More

Spanish Language in Chicana/o Literature  

Jesús Rosales

Spanish-language Chicano literary production is rich in tradition and scope. This article intends to provide a brief comprehensive summary of the Chicano literary representation of some of ... More

Spectacle and Détournement  

McKenzie Wark

Online publication date:
Jul 2019
The concepts of spectacle and détournement are closely associated with the Paris-based postwar avant-garde movement known as the Situationist International. Spectacle is meant to work as a ... More

Speculative Fiction  

Marek Oziewicz

Online publication date:
Mar 2017
The term “speculative fiction” has three historically located meanings: a subgenre of science fiction that deals with human rather than technological problems, a genre distinct from and ... More

Sri Lankan American Literature and Culture  

Dinidu Karunanayake

Online publication date:
Feb 2019
Despite the prominent work produced by Sri Lankan American writers Michael Ondaatje and Rienzi Crusz since the 1970s, Sri Lankan American literature and culture has maintained a doubly ... More

Stafford, Jean  

Christopher Jane Corkery

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
West meets East in the work of Jean Stafford. In her characters and plots, privilege, too, meets deprivation, nature the world of human relations, and genius the world of the utterly ... More

Stafford, William  

Robin Kemp

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
Born in Hutchinson, Kansas, in 1914, William Edgar Stafford moved frequently with his family during his childhood. The Great Depression bore heavily on the family; Stafford's biographer ... More

Stegner, Wallace  

Lani Wolf

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
Often called the “dean of Western writers,” Wallace Stegner is remembered as a teacher, writer, historian, and conservationist who privileged the idea of place, particularly wilderness as ... More

Steinbeck, John  

Stephen K. George

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
John Steinbeck, author of such classics as Of Mice and Men (1937), The Grapes of Wrath (1939), and East of Eden (1952), remains firmly planted in the souls of his readers today. Ironically ... More

Stein, Gertrude  

Dina Ripsman Eylon

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
Gertrude Stein, the expatriate American avant-garde author, poet, and playwright, was born in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, on 3 February 1874. During her lifetime she was known as the “American ... More

Stern, Gerald  

Kimberly Lewis

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
Gerald Stern was born in Pittsburgh in 1925. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1947 with a degree in English, and moved on to get a master's degree at Columbia University ... More

Stevenson, Anne  

Emily R. Grosholz

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
Anne Stevenson, like T. S. Eliot, W. H. Auden, and Sylvia Plath, is a poet whose literary life belongs both to the United States and to Great Britain. Born in Cambridge, England, on 3 ... More

Stevens, Wallace  

James Longenbach

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
There are two ways to describe the career of Wallace Stevens. One would be this: after having been born in Reading, Pennsylvania, in 1879, Stevens attended Harvard University and New York ... More

Stone, Robert  

Cates Baldridge

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
Robert Stone has written that “the first law of heaven is that nothing is free,” and there are reasons enough to believe that he came by this hard truth early and ungently. He was born on ... More

Stowe, Harriet Beecher  

Lorinda B. Cohoon

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
Harriet Beecher Stowe's reputationas an author of American literature is directly connected to Uncle Tom's Cabin; or, Life among the Lowly (1852), her first and best-known novel. With this ... More

Strand, Mark  

Andrew Zawacki

Online publication date:
Sep 2017
Mark Strand was born in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada, on 11 April 1934. Sandwiched between the celebrated generation of American poets born in 1927—John Ashbery, Adrienne Rich, ... More

Strategic Hybridity in Early Chinese and Japanese American Literature  

Floyd Cheung

Online publication date:
May 2019
Early Chinese and Japanese American male writers between 1887 and 1938 such as Yan Phou Lee, Yung Wing, Sadakichi Hartmann, Yone Noguchi, and H. T. Tsiang accessed dominant US publishing ... More