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Black Arts Publishing and the Politics of Design  

Kinohi Nishikawa

The Black Arts movement heralded an important turn in the history of African American literature. Between 1965 and 1975, a loose confederation of African American poets, playwrights, ... More

Black Mountain Poetry  

Lacy Schutz

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
In 1960 the poet Donald M. Allen published an anthology titled The New American Poetry. Just three years earlier, the poets Donald Hall, Robert Pack, and Louis Simpson had edited New Poets ... More

Bollywood and Asian American Culture  

Jigna Desai

Online publication date:
Apr 2019
Popular conceptions of Bollywood imagine it as a recent entry onto the global screen and stage. Although it is not incorrect to think of Bollywood as a recent formation, scholars can point ... More

Book Culture from Below in Finland  

Tuija Laine and Kirsti Salmi-Niklander

Vernacular literacy began in Finland with the Reformation. Michael Agricola, the first Finnish reformer, studied in Wittenberg, and, after returning to Finland, translated the first books ... More

Border and la frontera in the US-Mexico Borderlands  

Alicia Arrizón

In the U.S.-Mexico context, the concepts of the border, borderlands, and la frontera represent their ongoing complex geopolitical, cultural, and historical relations. With the signing of ... More

Bradstreet, Anne  

Daniel G. Brayton

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
Anne Bradstreet has long been the best-known English-language woman poet of the seventeenth century and one of the most famous early American literary figures. While numerous women writers ... More

British Detective Fiction in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries  

Anne Humpherys

Online publication date:
Jun 2017
From ancient Greece on, fictional narratives have entailed deciphering mystery. Sophocles’ Oedipus must solve the mystery of the plague decimating Thebes; the play is a dramatization of ... More

Brodkey, Harold  

Philip Bufithis

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
If we accept the well-known distinction that literary fiction is character driven and commercial fiction is plot driven, then the work of Harold Brodkey is the most literary American ... More

Brooks, Gwendolyn  

William R. Nash

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
Gwendolyn Brooks, American poet, novelist, activist, and teacher, stands out for her social engagement, her professional generosity, and her literary accomplishment. In a career that ... More

Buck, Pearl S.  

Amanda Fields

Online publication date:
Sep 2017
A best-selling writer who was the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize in literature (1938) and the Pulitzer Prize (1935), Pearl Comfort Sydenstricker Buck published more than ... More

Building Asian Canadian Literary Studies  

Eleanor Ty

Asian Canadian Literary Studies is a relatively new field of study which began in the mid to late 1990s. Even though literature written by Chinese, Japanese, and South Asian Canadians had ... More

Bukowski, Charles  

Mark Conway

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
Charles Bukowski fought, drank, and tirelessly wrote his way to international renown by defining a new American outsider poetry. A self-mythologizing and ingenious promoter, Bukowski was ... More

Burroughs, William S.  

Chuck Carlise

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
Beat pioneer, heroin addict, expatriate, anarchist, gay rights advocate, gentleman, punk icon, free speech trailblazer, and member of the Academy of Arts and Letters, William Seward ... More

Californio Testimonios  

Rosaura Sánchez

Online publication date:
Jan 2019
Several 19th-century Californio testimonios are the product of interviews of Californio men and women made by H. H. Bancroft’s agents, looking for historical information that would be ... More

Canon and Classic  

Trevor Ross

Online publication date:
Mar 2019
The literary canon, theorists contend, is a selection of reputable works that abstracts their value for specific purposes: to safeguard them from neglect or censure, reproduce social and ... More

Capote, Truman  

Charles Robert Baker

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
The author known as Truman Capote was born Truman Streckfus Persons on 30 September 1924 in New Orleans, Louisiana. His father, Archulus Persons, was a charming dreamer who believed that ... More

Caribbean and Southern Literatures  

John Wharton Lowe

Transnationalism and Global Studies have exploded old notions of artificial cultural boundaries, opening to view the myriad cross currents between the U.S. South and the Caribbean. Thus, ... More

Carl Schmitt’s Literary Criticism  

Peter Uwe Hohendahl

As early as 1916, Carl Schmitt underscored the centrality of myth and religion in his analysis of the expressionist Theodor Däubler. He celebrated Däubler as a Christian poet and radical ... More

Carver, Raymond  

James P. Austin

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
Few writers have succeeded over hardship to become an indelible literary figure of their era quite like Raymond Carver. Born in 1938 in Clatskanie, Oregon, Carver was the son of a sawmill ... More

Cather, Willa  

Susan J. Rosowski

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
Willa Cather is remarkable for the excellence, productivity, longevity, consistency, and experimentation of her writing, and also for the absence in her life of the angst familiar in other ... More