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Indigenous Literary Studies in Aotearoa New Zealand  

Tina Makereti

Online publication date:
Jun 2020
Oxford Research Encyclopedia:
Oceanic Literatures, Fiction, Literary Theory
As the second decade of the 21st century draws to a close, Indigenous literary studies in Aotearoa New Zealand are characterized primarily by tension between abundance and scarcity. The ... More

Futures for Literary Studies  

Paul Jay

Online publication date:
Mar 2020
The future of literary studies will be shaped by new and emerging trends in scholarly, critical, and theoretical work, by changes in the material conditions that enable that work, and, ... More


Philip Mead and Brenton Doecke

Concepts of pedagogy that circulate within various educational contexts refer to the abstract and theoretical discourse about ways in which learners and students are introduced into fields ... More

Contemporary Asian American Art  

Laura Kina

Contemporary Asian American art includes artworks created by artists of Asian heritage in the Americas as well as contemporary works that engage with Asian American or Asian diasporic ... More

Contemporary Voices in Asian American Lyric Poetry  

Jennifer Chang

Online publication date:
Feb 2020
Asian American poetry flourished in the first two decades of the 21st century. In 2004, the Asian American literary organization Kundiman hosted their inaugural workshop-based retreat at ... More

Indian Dance in Diaspora: US and Australian Contexts  

Priya Srinivasan

This article takes a critical and historical look at how South Asian performers and performances circulated in the late 19th and 20th centuries in the United States and Australia. It ... More

Marxism, Economic Theory, and Asian American Literary Studies  

Mark Chiang

Online publication date:
Feb 2020
Oxford Research Encyclopedia:
Oceanic Literatures
As migrants who were drawn to North America to serve as cheap labor, questions of money, economy, and class have been central to Asian American experiences from the mid-19th century, and ... More

The Transpacific Subject in Asian American Culture  

Erin Suzuki and Aimee Bahng

The use of the term transpacific in Asian American studies should be reevaluated vis-à-vis Pacific studies, Indigenous studies, and Oceanic studies. In particular, following Lisa Yoneyama’s ... More

(The) Transpacific Turns  

Tina Chen

Online publication date:
Jan 2020
The concept of the “transpacific” has inherent asymmetries that must be explored in order to generate a more nuanced interpretive logic of transpacific possibility. Such epistemic asymmetry ... More

Literary and Cultural Representations of Asians in Latin America and the Caribbean  

Zelideth María Rivas

Representations of Asians in Latin America and the Caribbean have been caught in the fissures of history, in part because their presence ambivalently affirms, depends upon, and ... More