The Oxford Encyclopedia of Asian American Literature and Culture

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Asian American Literature and Culture

In the past four decades the field of Asian American literary and cultural studies has grown enormously, expanding its areas of inquiry beyond the reflections on national identity and citizenship to encompass issues such as transnational and diasporic identities and communities; the workings of imperialism; the intersectionality of race, gender, and sexuality; and social justice/human rights in a global context. This project offers the largest and most comprehensive collection of scholarship on Asian American literature and culture to date. With original essays on everything from Asian American literary classics to experimental theater, from K-pop to online gaming, the Oxford Encyclopedia of Asian American Literature and Culture guides both established scholars and readers new to this study through the extensive landscape of Asian American writing and cultural production. More than one hundred essays on varied historical periods, geographical contexts, and artistic modes offer an extensive examination of racial representation and activism, interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to literary work, ethnic communities, transnational and transpacific flows, and genres such as speculative fiction, the detective novel, and melodrama. Along with literary works from the late-19th century to the 21st century, the Oxford Encyclopedia of Asian American Literature and Culture covers a wide-ranging selection of Asian American theatre, dance, music, visual arts, film, television, and media. With its illuminating and profound commentary on Asian American writing and artistic practice, the collection surveys the historical foundations of this rich field, showing the exciting and profound new directions that currently drive the study of Asian American literary and cultural traditions.

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 Josephine Lee, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Editorial Board

 Anita Mannur, Miami University

 Jennifer Ann Ho, University of Colorado Boulder

 Floyd Cheung, Smith College

 Cathy Schlund-Vials, University of Connecticut



Asian American Ecocriticism (Anita Mannur, Casey Kuhajda)
Asian American Feminist Performance (Lucy M. S. P. Burns, Mana Hayakawa)
Asian American Graphic Narrative (Monica Chiu, Jeanette Roan)
Asian Americans and Digital Games (Christopher B. Patterson)
Asian Americans in Hip-Hop (Ninochka McTaggart, Oliver Wang)
Asian Americans on Television (Alison Yeh Cheung, Kent A. Ono)
The Cold War and Asian Canadian Writing (Christine Kim, Christopher Lee)
Filipino American Literature (Jeffrey Arellano Cabusao)
Hmong American Literature and Culture (Aline Lo, Kong Pheng Pha)
Queer South Asian Diasporas (Kareem Khubchandani)
The Vietnam War in Film (Sylvia Shin Huey Chong)