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Ecosystem-Based Disaster Risk Reduction

"Disasters and their devastating consequences are increasingly evident in the world. Although nobody can prevent a hazard from occurring, individuals, societies, and governments can take necessary steps to avoid a hazard being transformed to a disaster. It is becoming clear that if sufficient efforts are not made, higher costs and greater losses including lives are inevitable. ..." – By Deepthi Wickramasinghe

Public–Private Partnerships and Natural Hazards Governance

"At the same time, extreme weather events place asymmetric pressure on communities as well as local, state, regional, and national-level budgets, policies, and readiness capabilities during these storms. Public and private stakeholders attempt to navigate this threat environment by anticipating, mitigating, and managing risk within a broad—and often fragmented—cross-agency system of planning, policies, authorities, and jurisdictions called governance—how they organize to make decisions..." – By Dane S. Egli

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