The Oxford Encyclopedia of Flood Hazards

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Flood Hazards

Flooding is one of the most serious natural hazards across the globe, resulting in substantial damages each year and major loss of life. This Special Project explores the nature of the hazard that flooding presents, together with an analysis of its many different causes, and details the consequences in terms of human and economic impacts. It provides overviews and up-to-date reviews of the scale of hazards in different countries, and the responses by governments and communities to reduce the risk that they face. The full range of specialisms relevant to this topic are covered, from both the natural and the social science perspectives. The project is edited by Professors Edmund Penning-Rowsell and Witold Krajewski. All of the articles appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Natural Hazard Science.

Associate Editors

Edmund C. Penning-Rowsell, Flood Hazard Research Centre, Middlesex University, London, UK

Witold F. Krajewski, Iowa Flood Center, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA


Flood Risk and Hazard

Human Response to Floods

Natural Causes and Processes of Floods

Flood Prediction and Modelling

Floods and Public Health

Climate Change and Floods