The Oxford Encyclopedia of Neuroendocrine and Autonomic Systems

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Neuroendocrine and Autonomic Systems

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Neuroendocrine and Autonomic Systems provides a peer-reviewed scholarly overview of neuroendocrinology and the autonomic nervous system designed to keep scholars, researchers, and practitioners up-to-date with this evolving field. With contributions from experts across the globe, the volume offers an authoritative review of the foundational theories, methods, and research topics in this vibrant field of neuroscience research.

The volume covers fundamental research that shapes the field of neuroendocrine and autonomic systems, including behavioral neuroendocrinology, neuroimmunology, autonomic regulation, stress and the brain, and the biological rhythms of hunger, thirst, and sleep. Article topics include microglia and chronic pain, hormones and animal communication, the hypocretin arousal network, and regulators of peripheral signals. All articles in this volume also appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Neuroscience.

Volume Editor

Randy Nelson, West Virginia University School of Medicine


Introduction to Sensory Systems

The Somatosensory System

The Auditory System

The Vestibular System

The Olfactory System

The Gustatory System

Adaptations for Sensory Processing



Autonomic Thermoregulation (Thad E. Wilson, Kristen Metzler-Wilson)
Behavioral Neuroendocrinology of Female Aggression (Natalia Duque-Wilckens, Brian C. Trainor)
The Hypocretin Arousal Network (Jeremy C. Borniger, Luis de Lecea)
Hypothalamic Control of Female Reproduction (Brian P. Kenealy, Ei Terasawa)
Maternal Behavior from a Neuroendocrine Perspective (Oliver J. Bosch, Joseph S. Lonstein)
Membrane-initiated estradiol signaling in the central nervous system (Paul E. Micevych, Melinda A. Mittelman-Smith)
Molecular Regulation of Energy Balance (D. Grahame Hardie, A. Mark Evans)
Neural Control of Lower Urinary Tract Function (Jonathan M. Beckel, William C. de Groat)
Neuroendocrine Influences on Human Sexuality (Ashlyn Swift-Gallant, S. Marc Breedlove)
Neuroendocrine Regulation of Seasonal Reproduction (Simone L. Meddle, Tyler J. Stevenson)
Neuroimmunology: Behavioral Effects (Mandakh Bekhbat, Sydney A. Rowson)
Paternal Behavior from a Neuroendocrine Perspective (Caleigh Guoynes, Catherine Marler)
Regulation of Gonadotropins (Chirine Toufaily, Gauthier Schang)
Role of Puberty on Adult Behaviors (Kristen Delevich, Linda Wilbrecht)
Role of Sex Hormones on Pain (Rebecca S. Hornung, Anne Z. Murphy)
Steroids and Plasticity (Alyssa L. Pedersen, Colin J. Saldanha)
Thirst and Water Balance (Derek Daniels)