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Explore ORE of Neuroscience articles in progress, organized by subfield (note that articles may appear under more than one category). Projected publication dates are provided for articles in production. When available, linked titles will take you to an advance summary of the article.

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Cognitive Neuroscience

Commissioning in progress

Computational Neuroscience

Commissioning in progress


Postnatal Neurogenesis in the Olfactory Bulb (Aleksandra Polosukhina, Pierre-Marie Lledo)

Disorders of the Nervous System

Commissioning in progress

Invertebrate Neuroscience

Commissioning in progress

Molecular and Cellular Systems

Commissioning in progress

Motor Systems

Commissioning in progress

Neuroendocrine and Autonomic Systems

Behavioral Neuroendocrinology: Cognition (Victoria Luine), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2021
The Ouroboros of Inflammatory Signaling to the Brain for the Control of Neuroendocrine Function (Georgia E. Hodes), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2021
Cardiac Vagal Tone and Stress (Kevin T. Larkin, Alaina G. Tiani, Leah A. Brown), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2021
Stress and Neuroimmunology (Eric S. Wohleb), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2021

Sensory Systems

Molecular Biology of Vertebrate Olfactory Receptors and Circuits (Richard P. Tucker, Qizhi Gong), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2021
Olfactory Perception (Daniel W. Wesson, Sang Eun Ryu, Hillary L. Cansler), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2021
Retinal Mechanisms for Motion Detection (Maria Feller, Mathew Summers, Malak El Quessny), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2021
Synaesthesia and Sensory Processing (Louisa J. Rinaldi), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2021
Synaptic Properties of Sensory Thalamus (Martha E. Bickford), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2021
Chemoreception in Fishes (Hiroshi Ueda), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2021
Neural Processing of Pain and Itch (Taylor Follansbee, Mirela Iodi Carstens, E. Carstens), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2021
Anatomical Organization and Coding in the Gustatory System: A Functional Perspective (Susan P. Travers, Alan C. Spector), forthcoming Jan-Mar 2021
Taste Buds and Gustatory Transduction: A Functional Perspective (Alan C. Spector, Susan P. Travers), forthcoming Jan-Mar 2021