The Oxford Encyclopedia of Sensory Systems

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Sensory Systems

Sensory systems allow us to see, touch, taste, and smell the world around us – in short, they allow us to interact meaningfully with our environments. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Sensory Systems provides a comprehensive scholarly overview of the visual, auditory, somatosensory, vestibular, olfactory, and gustatory systems, and considers the biological adaptations that shape various sensory processes across species. Authored by top scholars across the globe, the volume includes articles on diverse topics such as mammalian optics, texture discrimination, olfactory coding, and infrared sensing in snakes.

Designed to keep scholars, researchers, and practitioners up-to-date with research in the field of sensory systems, this peer-reviewed volume reviews the essential scholarship and foundational questions of this rich field of neuroscience research. All articles in this volume also appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Neuroscience.

Volume Editor

W. Martin Usrey, University of California­­–Davis




Behavioral Neuroendocrinology

Autonomic Regulation

Stress and the Brain

Regulation of Thirst and Water Balance

Regulation of Food Intake and Body Weight

Biological Rhythms and Sleep



Aging and Olfaction (Richard L. Doty)
Annelid Vision (Cynthia M. Harley, Mark K. Asplen)
Auditory Hair Cells and Sensory Transduction (Jeffrey R. Holt, Gwenaëlle S.G. Géléoc)
Central Auditory Processing (Josef P. Rauschecker)
Cephalopod Olfaction (Anna Di Cosmo, Gianluca Polese)
Cortical Processing of Odorants (Yaniv Cohen, Emmanuelle Courtiol, Regina M. Sullivan, Donald A. Wilson)
Crustacean Olfaction (Charles Derby, Manfred Schmidt)
Crustacean Visual Circuits Underlying Behavior (Daniel Tomsic, Julieta Sztarker)
Drosophila Olfaction (Quentin Gaudry, Jonathan Schenk)
The Functional Organization of Vertebrate Retinal Circuits for Vision (Tom Baden, Timm Schubert, Philipp Berens, Thomas Euler)
Insect Color Vision (Natalie Hempel de Ibarra, Misha Vorobyev)
Invertebrate Nociception (Nathaniel J. Himmel, Atit A. Patel, Daniel N. Cox)
Leech Mechanosensation (Brian D. Burrell)
Motion Processing in Primates (Tyler S. Manning, Kenneth H. Britten)
Neural Mechanisms for Odor-Guided Behavior (Giuliano Gaeta, Regina M. Sullivan, Donald A. Wilson)
Neural Mechanisms of Tactile Texture Perception (Justin D. Lieber, Sliman J. Bensmaia)
Neural Mechanisms of Tinnitus (Adam Hockley, Susan E. Shore)
Neural Processing of Pain and Itch (Taylor Follansbee, Mirela Iodi Carstens, E. Carstens)
Neural Processing of Taste Information (Alfredo Fontanini, Lindsey Czarnecki)
Neurobiology of Auditory Hallucinations (Judith M. Ford, Holly K. Hamilton, Alison Boos)
Nociceptors and Chronic Pain (Edgar T. Walters)
Olfactory Perception (Daniel W. Wesson, Sang Eun Ryu, Hillary L. Cansler)
Phantom Limbs and Brain Plasticity in Amputees (Tamar Makin, London Plasticity Lab)
Raptor Vision (Mindaugas Mitkus, Simon Potier, Graham R. Martin, Olivier Duriez, Almut Kelber)
Retinal Mechanisms for Motion Detection (Mathew T. Summers, Malak El Quessny, Marla B. Feller)
Sensing Polarized Light in Insects (Thomas F. Mathejczyk, Mathias F. Wernet)
Sensing the Environment with Whiskers (Mathew H. Evans, Michaela S.E. Loft, Dario Campagner, Rasmus S. Petersen)
Single Neuron Computational Modeling (Yeonjoo Yoo, Fabrizio Gabbiani)
Stomatopod Vision (Thomas W. Cronin, N. Justin Marshall, Roy L. Caldwell)
Thalamocortical Interactions for Sensory Processing (Jose M. Alonso, Harvey A. Swadlow)
Vision and Art (Bevil R. Conway)
Visual Attention (Sabine Kastner, Timothy J. Buschman)
Visual Shape and Object Perception (Anitha Pasupathy, Yasmine El-Shamayleh, Dina V. Popovkina)